Kasey Kahne: From Dirt to Pavement (Video)

This week, dirt racing is highlighted in the story of Kasey Kahne’s career – Video below

Watch the Kasey Kahne dirt track story below.

Kahne’s racing career started on a dirt track in his hometown of Enumclaw, Washington. After high school graduation, he and his sister headed east with a truck and a trailer to chase his racing dreams.

Shanon Adams, Kasey Kahne’s sister, “When he graduated high school. Kasey nad I drove out the driveway that day, all by ourselves. We were going to the East coast to race.”

Kasey Kahne from Dirt to Pavement
Kasey Kahne Racing

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Kasey Kahne talks about the year he hit the road, “We lived out of a two bedroom apartment in Indianapolis.”

He continued, “There was 5 or 6 of us in it. We were like sleeping on floors. But it was fairly cheap, so that was a good thing at the time.”

As his career developed, Kahne made the transition from dirt racing to the pavement.

To learn more about that portion of the driver’s journey check out the second episode of the “Racing Roots” video series, “From Dirt to Pavement,” below.

Kasey Kahne: From Dirt to Pavement Video


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