Kasey Kahne on Sonoma Crash: “He panicked & turned right instead of left”

Kasey Kahne was involved in a big crash on the final lap around Sonoma Raceway – Hitting a concrete wall, Sonoma says ‘NASCAR is looking into it’

CTRL-ALT-DEL. Watch the Kasey Kahne Sonoma crash video below. The Hendrick Motorsports Windows machine took a big impact into a concrete wall at Sonoma.

But what happened? TV all but missed it. The viewers only saw a far away video of the incident.

UPDATE: NASCAR VP comments on Concrete Wall at Sonoma Raceway

Kasey Kahne Crash Video at Sonoma Raceway
Kasey Kahne Crash Video at Sonoma Raceway (Photo: FS1)

Post-race, MENCS driver Kasey Kahne explained what happened in the Sonoma Raceway incident. Kasey Kahne, “Big hit. I was passing 15 to his right down front stretch. He panicked & turned right instead of left for the corner and destroyed us.”

That’s a scary comment. The #15 is driven by Kevin O’Connell. He’s a 50 year old racing driver who was making his first Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series start. Previously, in 2015, O’Connell had two starts in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

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Is Kasey alright? That was a huge hit at a fast area of the race track. Kayne, “The Windows team did a great job of making adjustments and we kept getting better. I’m fine. Back is just a little tight.”

Why did Sonoma Raceway have a concrete wall in that area of the track in the first place?

In 2017 why are these drivers still finding concrete walls to hit? I’m not sure.

Kasey Kahne Concrete Wall at Sonoma Raceway
Sonoma Concrete Wall (Photo: Jeff Gluck)

I understand that this particular concrete wall is a bit different. It’s not bolted to the ground. The concrete blocks just rest atop the racing surface. So, naturally, they move on impact. Essentially, they have give, much like a safer barrier.

But, that’s really not good enough. That point of the track is the fastest or a close, second fastest point of the race track.

Sonoma Raceway did a great job of installing tire walls at turn 11. A hairpin turn following a long straight away. But drivers are going close to equally as fast in turn 1.

Sonoma Raceway has had it’s fair share of scary accidents in the passed. Over the years the road course has adapted and been pro-active in fixing safety aspects of the track. There’s a lot of hills outside of track limits. They’ve gone to great lengths in preventing cars from reaching those sections. In the past, drivers would hit those hills and roll over upon impact.

Most places are covered. There’s 1000 tire packs around Sonoma Raceway. It takes 25,000 tires to make 1000 tire packs. But why does the track have exposed concrete walls at one of the fastest sections of the California road course?

Sonoma Raceway Comments

I asked Sonoma Raceway for a comment on the safer barriers. They are looking into it. Stating, “NASCAR is looking into the incident. We have no further comment.”

Kasey Kahne finished 24th in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series event at Sonoma Raceway.

Watch the Kasey Kahne crash video below.

Author: Shane Walters

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