Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville flood damage

Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville suffers heavy flood damage overnight – Track asks for help

Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville has been in the news a lot this week.

View Fairgrounds Speedway flood photos below.

Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville Flood Photo
Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville Flood Photo

Early in the week, Bristol Motor Speedway offered a bid to take over promotions and operations at the track. Additionally, Tony Formosa Jr also offered a bid.

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The Metropolitan Government of Davidson County selected Formosa over Bristol Motor Speedway. That announcement came less than 24 hours ago.

Now, overnight flood waters have hit the track.

Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville Flood Damage
Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville Flood Damage

“Say a prayer for us here at the Fairgrounds. The creek did some pretty awful damage last night to the property,” stated the speedway facebook page.

“The state Fair is scheduled to start next weekend. The All American 400 is right around the corner. We have our hands full at this point, prayers that the rain stops or the creek is going to rise again!”

The track is scheduled to host it’s final race of the 2017 season. That race is scheduled for September 30-August 1st.

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Author: Shane Walters

2017 Fairgrounds Speedway
Flood Photos

UPDATE: Track Statement


We have been released to start cleaning up down here! WE HAVE A HUGE MESS ON OUR HANDS! WE CAN USE ALL THE EXTRA HANDS WE CAN GET! We will be here for a while today, If you can spare us a helping hand we’d really appreciate it! Bring dry clothes and boots if you come there is ALOT OF MUD! WE HAVE A VERY LONG WAYS TO GO! WE would really appreciate it!

You dont have to contact us just come on, we will most likely be down in the pit area! Thanks in advance!


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