Fueled by Fans – NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

NASCAR driver is using social media to help keep his truck on the track

Jordan Anderson Racing is one of the smallest NASCAR teams on the grid. They show up to the races using a single deck enclosed trailer. In NASCAR terms, that’s literally the equivalent of an open trailer.

The little team is taking a unique approach to NASCAR sponsorship. Jordan Anderson is using fan support to keep him on the NASCAR Truck Series tour. Via the rear deck lid of the truck, sponsor names are featured.

While business placement spots are available, it’s not just business supporters. In this rare case, he’s offering placement for the names of the race fans willing to help.

The least expensive option is a $20 option. For $20, your name is hand written on the rear deck lid of the truck.

Jordan Anderson uses fan support
Jordan Anderson uses fan support

The most expensive NASCAR truck sponsorship option is set at $5,000. That’s the Associate Sponsorship placement.

Additionally, other options include; 24in x 12in logo placement ($2,500), 10in x 10in logo placement ($1,000), 6in x 6in logo placement ($500), 6in x 4in logo placement ($250), name placement ($100) and another name placement ($50).

The Fueled by Fans NASCAR Truck is scheduled to run at 3 tracks to end the season. It will be run at Texas Motor Speedway, Phoenix Raceway and Homestead Miami Speedway.

Fueled by Fans - Jordan Anderson
Fueled by Fans – Jordan Anderson

Anderson is a graduate of Belmont Abbey College in Charlotte, NC. He graduated with a degree in Business Management and Marketing.

This weekend, the team is in action on the NASCAR circuit. They will start 28th at Martinsville Speedway later today.

Who doesn’t love seeing a dually parked next to the double decker haulers?

Little NASCAR teams
Little NASCAR team (Jordan Anderson Racing) parked next to some double decker haulers (ThorSport Racing)

Jordan Anderson Letter

Hey guys!

For the final 3 races of this season at Texas, Phoenix, and Miami we’re going to be relaunching the Fueled By Fans campaign ( www.SponsorJordan.com ) with new giveaways and gear to thank you all for your absolutely amazing support this year.

I’m still overflowing with gratitude for you helping us get to the race track as we travel across the country each week. Plain and simple, this team doesn’t exist without each and everyone of you. It’s for the love of being an underdog in our David VS Goliath story. We love to go race and finish better than where we’re supposed to every week, and give you a team to pull for, that you made possible.

Looking back at what happened in Atlanta earlier this season, to where we are now – it has been a wildly amazing journey with so many blessings to be grateful for. The new friends we’ve made, adventures along our crazy road trips that we’ll never forget, and experiencing the emotion roller coaster that this sport sends you on – are humbling and exhilarating.

It’s going to be exciting to finish off 2017 on a high note with our team as we are en route to our best driver points finish ever, and I can’t wait to have you guys along for the drive as we make the 3 week trip out west and then back to Miami to cap off the schedule.

–Jordan Anderson–

Jordan Anderson Racing Photos

Kenny Wallace and Jordan Anderson Share Space at Kenny Wllace Racing in Arnold, MO
Jordan Anderson’s NASCAR truck next to Kenny Wallace’s dirt modified

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