Brendan Gaughan vs Ross Chastain

Brendan Gaughan and Ross Chastain got into a fight after Texas Motor Speedway

These two were banging fenders all night. At one point, they side swiped each other, for the entire length of the back straight-away. But that wasn’t all. Laps later, they connected again. This time, Ross Chastain nearly looped it.

Watch the video below.

After the race, behind victory lane they decided to talk it out. That talk led to punched being thrown. Each side has their own opinion of who started it.

NASCAR is now looking for tape of the fight. Read the statement from the sanctioning body below.

Each driver was called to the NASCAR hauler. Upon exiting, they were asked what happened.

Brendan Gaughan vs Ross Chastain
Brendan Gaughan vs Ross Chastain

Brendan Gaughan

“I’m getting ready for the radio show tomorrow morning,” Brendan Gaughan talks about everything but the question asked following Texas Motor Speedway.

“If anyone wants to know my thoughts, Chase Elliott is a lock for the week and my value pick is Ty Dillon and I’m heading to Mexico,” said Gaughan concluded the deflection.

However, on Sunday morning he did open up a bit on the altercation. He stated via his radio show:

Nothing other than grown men being grown men.

Brendan Gaughan

“It isn’t the first issue that we’ve had or the first issue that others have had and I finally just had enough. It is what it is. We move on, and life goes on and racing goes on. … Nothing other than grown men being grown men.”

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Brendan Gaughan vs Ross Chastain - Texas Motor Speedway
Brendan Gaughan vs Ross Chastain – Texas Motor Speedway

Ross Chastain

“Race with him every week and we probably could have handled it a little better,” said Chastain, who is ranked 13th in the season championship with two races remaining.

“But this is NASCAR man. I hate that my name pops up in the news for this. People that know me know this is not me to be getting in arguments and stuff.

“I was calm. It would make me look better if there had been cameras. Some derogatory things were said beyond just cuss words. I’ll go on to Phoenix and I’ll just race him. This doesn’t help me moving up in my career but I’ll just have to work harder to show them this isn’t who I am. I’m on my way up and I’m just going to go race.”


“You kinda know what we know right now,” Steve O’Donnell stated via the Sirius XM Morning Drive.

“We obviously met with both drivers and teams post-race. Definitely, something occurred. [We’re] looking for any and all video that’s potentially out there to make sure that we react, if we have to.”

“But, at this time, still in kinda the discovery phase I guess. In terms of seeing if there’s anything out there. We have met with the drivers, we’ll do that again prior to getting out on track in Phoenix. To make sure they’re on the same page.”

“As of right now, nothing further to report.”

Brendan Gaughan vs Ross Chastain
Texas Motor Speedway


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