Jr Motorsports pit crews have yet to make it to Phoenix

The race is scheduled to start in less than 3 hours – They likely will not make it to the track

Jr Motorsports is fighting for a NASCAR championship. However, today at Phoenix, the over the wall crews are not at the race track.

UPDATE: Hendrick Motorsports has sent a plane from Phoenix to Arkansas. That’s a 6 hour round-trip flight. They will not make it to the NXS race in time. However, the crews will make it in time for tomorrow’s NASCAR Cup Series event.

These crew members double as the over the wheel crew for the Hendrick Motorsports Cup Series team. JR Motorsports has an alliance with Hendrick, they supply the crews for the NASCAR Xfinity Series team. Just Allgaier for example, uses the same crew from Jimmie Johnson’s #48 team.

As of now, the crew members are stuck in Arkansas. Their plane made a stop and has not lifted off the ground. It was forced to land due to mechanical issues.

JR Motorsports pit crew
JR Motorsports pit crew

All 3 JR Motorsprots teams went to work trying to supply the cars with a mix of crew members. That plan might be aborted.

Now, the plan is to use the same crews from other Xfinity Series teams. The #14 of JJ Yaley’s crew is also a Hendrick Motorsprots crew. They will likely pit at least 1 of the JR Motorsports teams. Likely Byron, given the pit stalls are nearby.

That means, the JR Motorsports cars will come first. JJ Yaley would have to remain on track for an extra lap, then come in a lap behind the field. Yaley is going to have a tough day if that’s the final decision.

Dale Earnhardt Jr just heard the news. He took to twitter, “Holy crap. All hands on deck!”

The race is scheduled to start in less than 3 hours. The team is still trying to figure out a solution.

William Byron will start in 2nd. Justin Allgaier will start 10th. The final JR Motorsports driver, Elliott Sadler will start 13th.

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UPDATE: 2 developmental crew members are at the track. The other 22 will be fill-in crew members.


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