Denny Hamlin speaks on racing Chase Elliott in 2018

The on-track rules of engagement regarding Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott have been set for “a while”

On October 29, Denny Hamlin spun Chase Elliott for the lead in the closing laps at Martinsville Speedway. The two drivers were fighting for the final transfer spot in the NASCAR Championship 4.

Two weeks later, the two were again battling for the final position in the Championship 4. It was the last chance via Phoenix Raceway. This time, Chase Elliott put Denny Hamlin in the wall.

Today, Denny Hamlin was asked about their altercation. How do they race each other going forward?

“The way we race each other has been set and will be set for a while,” Hamlin stated, after being asked if the two drivers move on from altercations.

In other words, we have a continued NASCAR rivalry. These two drivers will continue to race each other hard. Likely, that also means racing each other harder than the other competitors.

As Chase Elliott has said multiple time, “I race drivers how they race me.”

Denny Hamlin wrecks Chase Elliott
Denny Hamlin wrecks Chase Elliott

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Neither Chase Elliott or Denny Hamlin made the Championship 4 in 2017. Chase Elliott finished 5th in series standings. Denny Hamlin finished 6th.

“I feel real good about our finish, but any year we don’t win a championship, it’s not satisfactory enough,” Hamlin said to . “At this point in my career it’s championship or nothing. You need to make the (Championship 4) to do that.”

“We didn’t, but we performed good enough to make it there. Things just didn’t work out.

“We have to do everything we can to get as many playoff points through the regular season as possible next year. Start the year off quicker and solidify ourselves as a guy who wins stages and wins races early in the season.”

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