Ryan Blaney will get a haircut and the internet is upset to hear it

Ryan Blaney: “You gotta start looking like a professional.”

Since Ryan Blaney signed with Team Penske the most common question has literally been whether or not Blaney would be forced to a haircut.

Back in Las Vegas, Blaney said he was still working out the details with Roger Penske. Referring to whether or not he would have to get it cut. It’s not a coincidence that all the Penske drivers have been clean crew cuts in recent years.

But, Blaney’s hair is popular in the NASCAR world. I’m sure it has its own twitter handle or several of them. If this was rally racing, it would be the co-driver.

Blaney appeared at the first NASCAR test yesterday with a full head of hair and a mustache to pair along with it. But, come Friday. It’s gone.

“I decided to keep it for this test,” Ryan Blaney stated at the Texas Motor Speedway media center yesterday.

Ryan Blaney mustache
Ryan Blaney mustache

“It’ll all get cleaned up Friday,” Blaney confirmed.

“I actually have an appointment to shave this and cut my hair off. That will be letting me know that the season’s about here.”

“You gotta start looking like a professional.”

Ryan Blaney hair
Ryan Blaney hair

The internet was upset to here the news. You can read hundreds of tweets all commenting on the topic via twitter.

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season begins in just a few weeks. The Clash at Daytona is scheduled for February 15th, 2018.

“I’m gonna miss the hair and mustache! But we all must move on at some point. I’m starting to think y’all only like me for my hair….”


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