Chase Elliott picked up character traits from his father, Bill Elliott

Chase Elliott: “I’m not the kinda guy that’s going to seek out attention like that.”

Being a NASCAR driver, Chase Elliott is asked a wide range of questions. Some of them can be odd, mundane questions.

But, we are also in the age of social media. With that, it’s not just reporters. NASCAR fans are also in the mentions feed of these drivers, asking questions of their own.

Chase Elliott understands some of it. But, at the same time, he’s not going to share what he did on his lunch break.

Does that feel invading or does it come with the territory?

“I think a little bit of both,” Chase Elliott tells Sirius XM NASCAR Radio. “Those questions are certainly going to be there.”

Chase Elliott
Chase Elliott

“I think that whole thing kinda started — It was some kind of social media question. They asked if I was as active as some other people on social media. And I’m not. Anybody that follows me, knows I’m not.”

“That’s only because I don’t care to share what I did on my lunch break. I’m just kinda me. If I have something I want to share or a cool event I went to, sure I’ll share it. But, I’m not going to share a part of my day with everybody.”

“I feel like I’m a pretty straight forward guy. I’m not interested or willing to change my personality to make anybody happy.”

“I’ve been lucky. I think I’ve grown up around the atmosphere that my dad has laid out and made for me to grow up in. In that light, it’s been very soothing for me to go out and do my own thing.”

“He’s not the kinda guy that comes to the races and wants a lot of attention. Heck, he doesn’t even listen on the radio half the time. He’s genuinely happy to be there and my mom too.”

“They’re excited to be mom and dad. They’re not excited to be on TV. Or to make sure they’re seen [next to me] during the national anthem. They just don’t care about that stuff.”

“And I don’t either. I’m not the kinda guy that’s going to seek out attention like that. I think that kinda stems from them.”


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