Danica Patrick out early in the final NASCAR race of her career

Danica Patrick involved in big Daytona 500 crash

Chase Elliott had a push from Brad Keselowski on lap 101 of the 2018 Daytona 500. Elliott faked left the went to the right of Blaney while looking for the lead of the Great American Race.

But, he didn’t make it there. Keselowski was already following Elliott to the low lane. Elliott didn’t just fake out Blaney but the car behind him as well. A little contact on the left rear bumper and Elliott was sideways in front of the field.

As Elliott was sent nose first into the wall he began spinning like a top against the outside retaining wall. Several cars were collected. Among those driver collected was Danica Patrick.

Danica Patrick is making her final NASCAR start today in the 2018 Daytona 500. Unfortunately, she’s out with just under 100 laps remaining.

“The car was a lot better than it was in the Duel. It was a lot better than practice.”

“Tony Eury Jr, my crew chief, did an awesome job. The whole team did a really good job. I know we pulled this together, not that long ago, a month ago.”

“That’s a tall order to get a Superspeedway car ready, that’s competitive. But, it was.”

“The whole thing was picture perfect. With GoDaddy on the car and it being that green again. But, it just wasn’t meant to be, I guess.”

“But, I am proud that we raced the whole race. Other than the end of that first stage when it just looked silly. Other than that, we raced it. That’s the gamble about Daytona. It can go so right and it can go so awful.”

“I’m greatful for everything. Thank you to all the fans. We still got one more. It’s not a stock car but we still got one more.”

Chase Elliott was at the front of the accident scene. He spoke on the incident moments later.

“I got light at the wrong time and didn’t make the right move,” Chase Elliott told Fox Sports of the incident.

Danica Patrick has one race left in his professional racing career. She will run the 2018 Indy 500 with Ed Carpenter Racing.


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