2018 Daytona 500 radio communication from the final lap

#10 Crew Chief: “Good job man, you had us in position. Can’t control an idiot.”

The final lap of the 2018 Daytona 500 has some drama attached. Listen to the calls from crew to driver and driver to crew as the incident happened live.

Watch the video below.

Andy Houston (#3 Spotter): Stay with this #10 for now.

Joel Edmonds (#10 Spotter): He’s not clear yet. Block bottom. Block bottom.

Andy Houston (#3 Spotter): #43 with you. Keep coming.

At this point the #10 car was pointed at the outside retaining wall. He began spinning across the track in front of traffic as Austin Dillon led the field into turn 3 on the final lap.

Joey Edmonds (#10 Spotter): Hang on to it, bud. Hang on to it. Hang on, hang on. One more coming at you.

Joey Edmonds (#10 Spotter): Yeah, they hooked us.

John Klausmeier (#10 Crew Chief): Good job man, you had us in position. Can’t control an idiot.

Andy Houston (#3 Spotter): Clear low, keep coming. No caution. No caution, keep coming. All the way to the line here.

Andy Houston (#3 Spotter): Daytona 500 winner, come on!

Austin Dillon: Did we win?! Did we just freaking win?!

Richard Childress (#3 Owner): Hell of a job, buddy! Hell of a job! That’s what I mean! You won it!

As Austin Dillon spun through the front straight-away grass, Almirola remained on the infield grass in turn 3, short of the finish line.

Joel Edmonds (#10 Spotter): Let me know that you’re okay, please.

Aric Almirola: I’m okay. Devastated.

2018 Daytona 500 Radio


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