Former NASCAR driver, Rick Crawford charged with enticement of a minor

United States of America vs Rick Crawford (Richard Hoyt Crawford Jr)

Rick Crawford allegedly attempted to persuade and solicit an individual who had not attained the age of 18. Court documents in the state of Florida claim that Crawford used the internet and his cell to engage in sexual activity with a minor.

According to court documents (posted below), Crawford was bated by Steven McElyea while in an “undercover capacity”. The officer used a fake scenario to entice individuals online. The initial posting was created on February 10, 2018.

The following conversation details the exchange between the two individuals. This is a conversation sited from court documents. The affidavit included the details which was submitted for the purpose of establishing probable cause stemming from a criminal complaint.

Steven McElyea is in his 3rd year of employment with the Seminole County Sheriff’s office. Since 2005, he has worked as a task force officer for both the FBI and Violent Crimes Against Children in Orlando. Since November 1999, he has been involved in investigations of sex crimes, child exploitation, child pornography and computer crimes.

NOTE: Wording, misspellings, language, capitalization and abbreviations are written exactly as they are in the court documents.

The conversation: Cragslist

The initial internet advertisement read, “taboo Is, looking for taboo minded ppl, who aren’t afraid of the dark, are looking for that dark taboo experience, the [then] hmu.”

On the day of the initial posting, the ad received a response. “Let’s do it. Clean fit 6 ft 180 BWC,” the reply read from an individual who was later identified as Rick Crawford.

The advisement creator posed as a 50 year old with a daughter. The undercover officer responded, “FYI 50yo taboo dad, w 12yo daughter, shes into guys…im not, shes also accepts donations, if this isn’t you then to reply, NO RP here.”

Crawford: “Lets do it. Let me know where.”

Officer: “pk.”

Crawford: “Ok. Say where How much you thinking.”

Officer: “The $$$ is dependent on what you want to fo or have done.”

Crawford: “Ok. Say where. Need to do now if she is ready.”

Officer: “we’re in the lake mary/ sanford area, like i said the $$$ is dependent on what you want to do or have done.”

Crawford: “Ok. I want it all. Address.”

Officer: “no ruff stuff.”

Crawford: “Ok. No problem. What’s she like. In dark right.”

Crawford: “You interested. I’m ready, Hello. I can be on my way, and Let me know. Thanks.”

On February 12th, Crawford made another pass at the ad. He stated, “Play tonight. Generous.”

On February 19th, the undercover officer responded to Crawford. McElyea stated, “sorry been tied up…what you looking to do?”

Crawford: “Have a good time. Same fuck. Let me know.”

Officer: “well there are some rules and we’re pretty busy this week, my daughter is pretty busy with dance after school and some projects and im a banquet bartender so I work some days & nights, so next week would work better for us.”

Crawford: “That’s fine. What are the rules. Next week is good for me too.”

Officer: “no bareback…i dont need to explain why my 12yo daughter is prego, NO anal…NO ruff stuff…and i get to watch.”

Officer: “also if $$$ is a problem we can also barter.”

Crawford: “$$$. Is no problem. I’m ok with rules. Say when.”

Crawford then asked for a photo. The officer responded by saying that he would get back with him later.

Crawford – Feb 23:”Good morning. You want to plan for next week.”

Crawford – Feb 26: “Good morning. She want to play. This week.”

Officer: “sorry been busy…we never discussed $$$.”

Crawford: “what will it take $$$.”

Crawford – Feb 27: “Good morning let me know. How much. Thanks.”

Officer: “before we mention anything further id rather go thru text or an email that isnt going thru CL…if you understand.”

The uncover officer then provided a burner phone number to Crawford. The officer stated that he name was, “Mike.” The conversation moved to text messages.

The conversation: Texting

Crawford – Feb 27: “hi mike. I’m Mike also.”

Officer: “you reviously sai dyou wanted to fuck & suck, so i assume oral both ways and just straight sex since she doesnt do anal & i watch it thast still cool.”

Craford: “yes, Very cool. Awesome.”

Crawford then asked how much money it would cost. He also attempted to arrange a time to meet on February 28, 2018. Crawford then again asked for a picture of his fictional 12yo daughter. The officer responded with a picture of a current law enforcement officer who at the time of the picture was 12-13 years old. He then told Crawford that his daughter would be 13 years old in August.

Crawford: “Will she be dressed. Or like naked and ready.”

Officer: “UR paying u tell me as well as what ur plans are.”

Crawford: “Love for her to be naked and ready to give head. Then fuck.”

The officer then asked Crawford if he’s ever done anything like this in the past.

Crawford: “Paid for it. Yes.”

Officer: “With someone as tnt as my daughter? Just wondering what makes u interested in our lifestyle… no biggie.”

The next day, Crawford again asked for pictures. After that, arrangements were made to have Crawford pay $50 to $75 for sexual activity with the notional 12 year old daughter. A meeting was scheduled for 3:00 p.m. the following day.

Crawford – Feb 28: “Good morning. We all good.”

Officer: “yes but around 1pm would be better, Tracey has lunch around 12 today so I’m picking her up from school so is 1pm ok?”

Crawford: “Yes. She know about this. She ready.”

Officer: “she knows I have a friend who might be meeting us today for play so shes good.”

Crawford: “Cool. Send address. Thanks.”

Officer: “ok we meet at the wendys parking lot on lake mary blvd at I-4, after we meet and we’re cool with each other then you follow us to our place or you can play in our van…plenty of room.”

Crawford was informed that “Mike” and his notional 12 year old daughter would be in a grey Dodge van. “Mike” was informed that Crawford would be in a Z71 gold Chevy truck.

Officer: “ok cool see you at 1pm, did you want her dressed in the van or what?”

Crawford: “No. If she is comfortable. Have her naked or something easy access.”

Crawford then asked for yet another picture. This time he used the word “sexy” with his request. Officer McElyea again sent an old picture of the current female officer within his department.

On February 28, 2018 at 12:58 pm “Mike” informed Crawford that he and his fictional daughter were backed into a parking space at a particular restaurant.

At 1:00 assisting agents saw a gold Chevrolet pickup truck on Lake Mary Boulevard. The vehicle then turned into a 7-11 parking lot and drove toward the restaurant mentioned. He parked next to “mike” on the passenger side. They both rolled their windows down.

Officer: “shes naked in the back do you want to get out and see her?”

Crawford said yes. As he exited his gold Chevy, several officers approached and apprehended Crawford.

Rick Crawford - Seminole County Sheriff
Rick Crawford (Photo: Seminole County Sheriff’s office)
After the arrest

Crawford initially denied that was aware the girl was 12 years old. He later stated that he was told but found it hard to believe. He claimed that he would not have gone through with it if the daughter was really 12 years old.

Rick Crawford is being held in the Seminole County Jail located in Sanford, FL. He’s being held without bail.

Until this week, Crawford was a member of the NASCAR’s Motorsports Appeals Panel. According to Kickin’ The Tires, he has since been removed from that position.

Rick Crawford made 336 starts in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. He collected 5 wins and 160 top-10 runs in a truck. Crawford also made 2 starts in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

Crawford’s last win came in 2006 at Indianapolis Raceway Park.


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