Kyle Busch explains his absence regarding the TV interview

Kyle Busch did not walk off and skip the media center as well, which the fans suspected

Kyle Busch found himself battling at the front on Sunday. However, the crew made an error on the final pit stop. They turned to left rear wedge bolt the opposite direction that was called for.

The result was Kyle Busch found himself skating across the race track. He wanted to be tighter, not looser. Busch likely lost a position due to the error. Instead of battling for the win, he lost a spot to Kyle Larson.

From there, Busch held on and finished 3rd at Auto Club Speedway on Sunday. Typically, the top 3 finishers are presented for a TV interview.

As Kyle Busch made it to the pit lane after the race, he was stopped by a NASCAR official for the quick post-race lug nut inspection. Which he failed. As a result, Kyle Busch was forced to stay at the entrance of pit road, far from the end of pit road, where the TV cameras were.

On Sunday, there was no interview for Kyle Busch. This led the fans to believe that Busch stormed off set. The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series driver set them straight…

“Another race-another moment in needing to defend non postrace interview. NASCAR parked me at the end of pit road for loose lugs. I then walked pit road the distance back to the turn into the garage and only MRN asked. TV was elsewhere. They had a shot, skipped it,” Kyle Busch explained via twitter.

In races past, the top 3 are sent to the media center for in-depth interviews with the media. This time, instead of 3rd place, they sent 4th place. Kyle Busch also explained his media center absence.

“There was even a NASCAR person who walked w my PR person and myself and we asked if we needed to go to media center and we were told ‘all clear’. ”

This also came as a surprise to 4th place finisher and Kyle’s archrival, Brad Keselowski, “Where am I suppose to sit? Yeah, sure. I’m not really sure why I’m here, I finished 4th.”

But, Kyle Busch continued to respond to fan questions. He didn’t just take on the positive ones. Kyle Busch threw some keyboard strokes back at ’em.

But, the majority of the tweets to Kyle were about his absence for the FOX tv crew.

“What post race interview?! Apparently I declined in case u were late to the party,” Kyle Busch responded.

“Yup. That’s me. If it’s typical then why should it not just b the normal? Why change?”

“Damn right they “couldn’t catch up”. I walked right past them and they had 5min to prepare.”

“Top 3 aren’t required anymore. Top 2 are. But guess what, I’ll go all by myself anytime I finish top 3 just cause it’s what I should do! How bout that?!”

“I’m almost 33 thanks! Be happy to talk. Whenever they want.”

“U should see how fast I run. Jimmie has nothing for me when it comes to foot racing! That’s why they always catch him.”

Kyle Busch leads Keselowski at Auto Club Speedway
Kyle Busch leads Keselowski at Auto Club Speedway

“Damn. Sorry I missed it. Maybe my mom recorded it for me and I can watch it when getting my bottle before bed tonight.”

“What seriously needs to b determined is what’s the requirement post race. My suggestion is Top 5 required for TV interviews on pit road (this goes for TV too). TV can’t just skip a guy cause he’s not ‘a story’ or not air the interview bc there wasn’t time to air it.”

“Also what r drivers supposed to do that get parked w loose lugs at the end of pit road? Stay by car and wait for tv? Walk to a bullpen area?”

Good question.

“Finally, Top 3 finishers to media center. Not sure why this one stopped and went to Top 2 but I guess maybe it’s because we don’t do a “podium” in NASCAR so we r different.”

The fans continued to harp on Kyle Busch for walking off pissed. Yet, Kyle Busch had already explained that he didn’t walk off. So, he hit them with some sarcasm.

“After a race or a game is over r u not supposed to walk off? Is your expectation for me to sit there and wait 365 days for the next event at that track? What about getting onto next week?”

“We have some work to do. Some things to clean up but we will b here all year!”

Are you not entertained?


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