‘Racing Wives’ – New TV show is rumored that will follow the females of the sport

CMT is reportedly working on a new reality show that focuses on the better-half of NASCAR

‘Racing Wives’ has reportedly been green lit by CMT. The show is rumored to circle around the lives of the wives and girlfriends of NASCAR.

This concept has reached the drawing board in the past. In fact, it was green lit and the shows of ‘NASCAR Wives’ were purchased. Back in 2009, NASCAR produced the show to TLC. However, it never reached the airwaves as the show wasn’t ‘controversial’ enough.

The previous 2009 version (never released): DeLana Harvick (wife of Kevin Harvick); Kelley Earnhardt (sister of Dale Earnhardt Jr); Angie Skinner (wife of Mike Skinner); Shana Mayfield, )wife of Jeremy Mayfield).

“The network wanted situations created that were not true to how these women normally act. They wanted conflict and we just weren’t willing to go down that road,” NASCAR Media Group COO, Jay Abraham explained the previous falling out to Fox.

NASCAR was forced to write off production costs with a loss as they show never aired on the Discovery network channel TLC.

“We just had to go our separate ways,” Abraham continued. “We were never able to agree on the creative approach for the project. We simply were not going to do anything to undermine the credibility and the relationships we have with our drivers.”

“We were being asked to do things more in line with traditional reality programming and it wasn’t true to the nature and personality of our sport and the women involved.”

10 years later

A new show has reportedly been green lit though it has not been officially confirmed by the network. This time, viacom company CMT (Country Music Channel) is behind the show without the production backing of the NASCAR Media Group.

NASCAR has no involvement in the show. As a result, the show isn’t likely to be called ‘NASCAR Wives’ as the previous adoption. NASCAR is a registered trademark to the sanction body.

The new show is expected to be titled ‘Racing Wives’.

Rumored on the cast: Samantha Busch (wife of Kyle Busch); Ashley Busch (wife of Kurt Busch); Whitney Ward Dillon (wife of Austin Dillon); Jordan Fish (girlfriend of Denny Hamlin); Mariel Lane (Monster Energy Girl);

However, it’s also rumored that at least one of these drivers was asked not to be involved per sponsor request.


You might not be a fan of something like this. But, you should be.

Any variation of the ‘Real Housewives’ show draws audiences of 2 million per episode for the Bravo network. This new rumored NASCAR centered show doesn’t have to get anywhere close to those numbers to make a significant impact.

A show like this attracts a new audience. It attracts an entirely different demographic than the ones that have already found the grandstands. Perhaps this show can reach an audience that hasn’t been introduced to NASCAR or knows anything about it then put new faces in the grandstands

NASCAR gaining more eyes, from any direction would be a great thing for the sport. Attendance has been in a steady decline for the previous 10 season losing 2% in 2017 alone.