NASCAR is now requiring teams to use nitrogen in their pit guns

Some teams were using alternatives to nitrogen which the guns were designed for

For 2018, NASCAR mandated air guns on pit road. They pass out the tanks and hoses the morning of the race. An hour before the race, a number is drawn for a pit gun.

All the guns are suppose to be the same. Though, several teams have been having more issues than others. Specifically, Joe Gibbs Racing and Stewart-Haas Racing. In most of those cases it’s been inconsistency in the guns, not tightening the lug nuts.

Recently, NASCAR has a team owners meeting. In that meeting, it was expected that pit guns would be the topic.

“When you got something like this going on and it’s happening to multiple teams, each week. I think you gotta find a way to fix it. I think that’s what we’ll be talking about this week,” Joe Gibbs said following the win at Bristol with Kyle Busch.

The meeting was held ahead of Richmond Raceway. So what news has come out of that meeting?

Bob Pockrass has reported that NASCAR will now require that nitrogen will be used in the air guns this weekend at Talladega.

The guns and hoses were already designed for nitrogen. The fact that NASCAR is now mandating it gives us all the impression that nitrogen wasn’t being used previously by a select number of the teams.

What else were they using as a nitrogen alternative? That’s not clear as of yet.

NASCAR already told the teams that the guns were designed for nitrogen. So was the lack of nitrogen the problem on pit road? I guess we’ll all see if the issues are removed in Talladega.


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