Chase Elliott couldn’t find anyone willing to make moves at Talladega

Chase Elliott: “Those guys were being awfully patient with one another.”

Chase Elliott was involved in a crash in the middle of the race on Sunday that left them with minor damage. Following a pit call, they regained their track position.

From there, the team rebounded and Chase Elliott out himself in position to battle for the win in the closing laps. But, he couldn’t get anyone to roll with him to the front.

“It was definitely interesting the last few laps. I was really trying to make a run and do something there at the end. And those guys were being awfully patient with one another,” Chase Elliott said from the Talladega Superspeedway media center.

“I was very surprised that they were not going to help me move forward. We had a solid car. I don’t think it was the best car.”

“It was a pretty wild afternoon. The cars are hard to drive. It scared some people off from running 3 wide and 4 wide. It could have been worse.”

“I was really surprised how patient they were being with one another. I really thought that they would want to win. I tried to break out of line and do a couple things. It was very obvious that nobody was going to help me.”

“Even if I had just one other person to help. I felt like it would have made a big difference.

Chase Elliott finished 3rd in Sunday’s race at Talladega Superspeedway. He was the lead Chevy.


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