Martin Truex Jr says Ford has an ‘unfair advantage’ in NASCAR

The defending series champion, Toyota driver Martin Truex Jr says the Fords have an unfair advantage and the box is now smaller for Toyota in 2018

The momentum has swapped directions in 2018 as Ford continues to win in NASCAR with 58%

Ford drivers have now won 7 races of the 12 thus far in the 2018 NASCAR season. That’s a 58% winning streak for the Ford camp. Kevin Harvick alone has won 5 of them for Stewart-Haas Racing.

Chevrolet driver Austin Dillon won the debut event in the Daytona 500, picking up the lone Chevy victory. Kyle Busch picked up 3 wins in a row for Toyota. Meanwhile, Martin Truex Jr, the car that dominated in 2017, has a single win which came at Auto Club Speedway a few weeks ago.

Last year, Brad Keselowski was very vocal about the ‘unfair advantage’ that the Toyota’s had on the field. This year, the tides have turned and the 2017 NASCAR Champion Martin Truex Jr isn’t happy.

What are you going to have to do to stop Harvick in the playoffs?

“Well, we’re gonna have to find somethin’. We’re gonna hav to find some speed,” Martin Truex Jr said after Kansas Speedway.

“I think our cars are capable. We’ve had good speed throughout the season at points. We just haven’t been as consistent as last year.”

“I feel like the box for us [Toyota] is a little bit smaller. And it’s pretty evident that the Ford’s have an unfair advantage this year. So, I’ll just throw that out there,” Martin Truex Jr states.

Logano: “Boy! How the tides have turned and you don’t like it.”

Truex: “How’s it feel?”

Logano: “How’s it feel? Not as good as the #4, I can tell you that much.”

Martin Truex Jr and Joey Logano at Kansas Speedway
Martin Truex Jr and Joey Logano at Kansas Speedway

“I’m still chasing a car that’s way faster than me. It used to be the #78. Now, it’s the #4 at this point. The good news is we’re closer than we were last year,” Logano continued.

“We’re consistent. We’re knocking off top-5’s, top-10’s and we’re getting stage points every time. The points battles getting closer.”

“We’re consistent. We’re just consistently off of the Stewart-Haas cars right now.”

What do you need?

Logano: “We’ll if we knew, we would do it,” Logano says with a laugh. “There’s not a bright shiny tool that you can use and say, ‘There! That’s what it is.’ It’s just a bunch of little things.”

Truex: “They’re hitting on all eight cylinders and they’re doing all the right things. I feel like we’re just a step behind that. We getting digging hard and fighting. We’ve got a good bunch too. We’ll figure some things out,” Martin Truex Jr comments on Stewart-Haas Racing.

The ‘unfair advantage’ comments are a mirror of what Ford driver Brad Keselowski said about Toyota Racing Development in the 2017 NASCAR season. See those comments from last year below.


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