Austin Dillon gets ‘pumped up’ when he hears the phrase ‘silver spoon’

Austin Dillon gives a tour of the barn he converted into a home; Talks racing and life

The 2018 Daytona 500 winner lives in a barn. Recently, Austin Dillon invited FOX to join him inside.

Austin Dillon gave a tour of his barn. He also discusses the haters, which he has a few of. Austin Dillon currently drives the #3 for his grandfather, Richard Childress.

Despite the ass tattoo representing his Daytona 500 win, there’s a lot of people that feel Austin Dillon isn’t deserving of a ride in the NASCAR Cup Series. Austin Dillon address those people…

“I don’t let it bother me at this point. I’m happy with where I’m at in my career,” Austin Dillon explains to Fox.

“I’ve won two of the biggest races in NASCAR. I’ve won championships in NASCAR.”

Austin Dillon has won two crown jewel NASCAR races. In 2017, he took the Coca-Cola 600 victory. Then, in the first race of the 2018 season, Austin Dillon put the new Camaro in the victory lane in the Daytona 500.

Championships generally measure the legacy of a racing driver. Austin Dillon has claimed two of those. In 2011, he was crowned the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champion. In 2013, he took the NASCAR Xfinity Series championship. Since 2014, Dillon has been running full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series.

“NASCAR’s family to me and it will always be that way. As far as fans go, I hope they get to know me more by watching my show on Barn Life to understand what kind of person I am.”

Another common phrase within the Austin Dillon hater side of the community is ‘silver spoon’.

“It pumps me up man. I love that.”

“Because it’s funny that they would say something like that not knowing me. And it gets me really fired up to go and try and steal another race.”

“I’m kind of a genuine dude. I like to hang out, have a good time and experience new things as much as I can. I’m into a little bit of everything.”

Austin Dillon - Richard Childress Testing
Austin Dillon – Richard Childress Testing


Another critisism of Austin Dillon is as simple as his number choice. It’s the number of the legend Dale Earnhardt. Though, before that it was the number for Richard Childress. It was in the Childress’ family first.

Earlier this year, team owner Childress Childress discussed that number choice. He commented on it after Austin Dillon won the 2018 Daytona 500. Before he put Austin Dillon in the #3, Childress consulted with the Earnhardt family.

“It’s incredible to come back 20 years later after Dale’s great victory here. To be able to celebrate 20 years later with my grandson, in the #3 car.”

“The Earnhardt Family, I called Kelley [Earnhardt] and Dale [Earnhardt] about running the #3. They supported us all the way.

“Daytona’s been a special place for me,” Childress responds to a question from Jenna Fryer. “In 1965, I came down here, slept in a tent and I fell in love with it.”

“I remember making my first laps here in 1969. So many great memories and then the sad memory of losing Dale in 2001. We were ready to get out of the sport at that point.”

“I thought of a story that Dale and I talked about on a mountain over in New Mexico. I know I did what he wanted us to do. I know he’s smiling down tonight. It’s just a special place.”

“It’s tough on him running that #3. A lot of people were asked about it. I’d say we had 97% support from the Earnhardt fans. They wanted to see it back. He handled the pressure well.”

Austin Dillon won the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Michigan International Speedway last night.

Austin Dillon has a radio show called ‘Barn Life’ where he discusses racing and all things life. You can learn more about the show here.

Austin Dillon’s Barn


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