Kyle Bronson stuffed a dirt late model engine in his Mini Cooper; Two sets of tires on the roof

Bronson is doing whatever it takes to run the national dirt late model tour

Kyle Bronson has hit the road with the national dirt late model tour. There’s a lot of states on the schedule and none up the upcoming dates are in his home state of Florida.

A few weeks ago, the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Seriestour landed in Mississippi. They just completed a 4 day swing in Ohio at 4 different tracks. Now, the teams will head south to North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Recently, Kyle Bronson entered into a new technical alliance deal with Sweet Bloomquist Chassis. Bronson has since been working out of the Tennessee based race shop. That waypoint is far closer to the tracks than his the Brandon, Florida base.

Racers will do whatever it takes. The photos below wrap that statement up in a bow…

Kyle Bronson - Mini Cooper loaded with Dirt Late Model Parts
Kyle Bronson – Mini Cooper loaded with Dirt Late Model Parts

Did you run out of room in the trailer? Because that’s a pretty big trailer.

“No, no. We just had that car dropped off at Scott’s where we had something to drive. I should have had my truck dropped off, but that’s what they dropped off,” Kyle Bronson explained to .

“We had to do what we had to do. We got tires for it the one day and put a motor in the back of it the next.”

“I’ve been racing out of Scott’s shop a lot. I haven’t really been able to go home. I just had somebody bring that car and drop it off at Scott’s so I’d have a vehicle to drive around in.”

“They way it turns out, one day we gotta take our motor back to Andy Durham’s with it.”

Was there a science to letting the tires sit in the sun on the roof? Or was that just were they happened to fit?

“That’s just where they happened to fit. At that time, with had to fill up the tires with the whole roof strapped on there. So, it’s just whatever it takes.”

Kyle Bronson is currently 13th in Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series championship standings. He picked up a win back in February at his home track of East Bay Raceway Park.


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