Jason Whelshan disqualified for illegal crate engine; Trevor Sise disqualified for tires at 411 Motor Speedway

3rd place finisher takes the win after multiple disqualifications at 411 Motor Speedway

On April 5th, 2019 the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series rolled into town. The 3/8-mile dirt track is located in Seymour, Tennessee.

In addition to the super late model program, 411 Motor Speedway also hosted the unsanctioned crate late model in addition to the sportsman divisions.

Jason Whelshan drove his crate late model to the win on Friday at 411 Motor Speedway.

411 Motor Speedway crate engine inspection failure

However, on Tuesday that win was taken away. The track announced the engine did meet the rule requirements for the crate engine class.

“After having a certified crate engine builder go through the engine on the #01 it was found to have non conforming parts and has been declared illegal.”

“We still cannot declare a winner of the Crate Feature as we still have tire test to come back. Only the teams involved will be told of the findings. If they choose to make it public on their pages that’s up to them.”

“With that said there will be no bad mouthing on here about the decision from either side. If it happens you will be banned from posting on this page.”

Tire tests at 411 Motor Speedway

Trevor Sise (#73) and Jesse Lowe (#J5) picked up a spot in the main event feature due to the race winner being disqualified due to the engine inspection. Trevor Sise was set to inherit the race win.

However, in addition to the engine inspection, the track also sent out tire samples to Blue Ridge Labs. On Friday, it was announced the the 2nd place finisher was also disqualified, this time for illegal tires.

After multiple inspection failures, the 3rd place finisher of Jesse Lowe took the win.

“After the results of the tire test that just came in the No. 73 has been disqualified with the No. 5j of Jesse Lowe being declared the winner of the Crate Late Model Feature this past Friday April 5.”

“Again any bashing will get you banned from this page.”


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