Las Vegas Xfinity Race Results: March 2, 2019

NASCAR Xfinity Series results from Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Today, the NASCAR Xfinity Series heads to the starting line at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The 1.5-mile oval hosts the Boyd Gaming 300.

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Chad Finchum qualified 2nd, he’s heading to the rear. Christopher Bell was scheduled to start 3rd, he will also head to the tail due to unapproved adjustments.

Cole Custer and Noah Gragson will lead them to the green. It’s a 200-lap event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas Xfinity Race
Stage 1 – Report

Laps: 45

Green flag, Gragson spins the tires on the outside line. He falls to 4th. Custer leads Cindric into turn one.

Lap 3, Donald Theetge looses it on his own in turn three. Joey Gase comes into the scene with nowhere to go. Heavy damage on both cars as the caution is out.

Green, Custer is barely clear of Cindric off turn four. Custer slides across his nose. Cindric crosses under him. Cindric runs side by side with Custer for the lead. Give it to Cindric.

Lap 10, Custer pulls to the outside in turn three, he retakes the lead. Brandon Jones gives a bump to Cindric, he gets loose and the field pounces.

Lap 13, Kyle Busch has an issue. He heads to the pit lane under green. The team thinks it might be a loose wheel. He goes a lap down. It’s odd to start the race with a loose wheel as the crew has plenty of time to torque them ahead of the green.

“Can somebody explain to me how that happened,” Kyle Busch asks over the radio.

10 to go in stage one, Christopher Bell started at the tail of the field. He’s just cracked the top 10. Custer leads Brandon Jones by 3.5 seconds.

Cole Custer takes the win in stage 1 of the NXS race!

Las Vegas Xfinity Race Results – Stage 1: 1. Cole Custer; 2. Brandon Jones; 3. Tyler Reddick; 4. Christopher Bell; 5. John Hunter Nemechek; 6. Michael Annett; 7. Justin Allgaier; 8. Austin Cindric; 9. Justin Haley; 10. Noah Gragson;

Las Vegas Xfinity Race
Stage 2 – Report

Laps: 45

The field heads for the pit lane. Custer is first in and off third. Tyler Reddick leads them to green. Four tires for all. Kyle Busch stayed out to get his lap back.

Green flag on stage two, Reddick and Jones are even into turn one and off turn two. Reddick takes the lead from the bottom lane off turn four.

Lap 59, Zane Smith gets loose on the bottom. He chasing it up the hill and clips the left rear of Cindric. Smith contunues as Cindric steps on the gas to keep it out of the wall. No damage, but the hood flags popped off. Kyle Busch needed this caution.

Green, Jones gives a huge push to Nemechek on the outside lane. They run even. Reddick drives it deep on the bottom in turn three, he leads off turn four.

Lap 65, Kyle Busch has cracked the top 10.

3 to go in stage two, Kyle Busch has climbed to 3rd. He’s passing them high and low. Bad news for the field, this is on tires from stage one. They re-mounted the tires that had loose wheels and put the same tires back on.

Tyler Reddick wins stage two in the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Xfinity Race Results – Stage 1: 1. Tyler Reddick; 2. Christopher Bell; 3. Kyle Busch; 4. Cole Custer; 5. John Hunter Nemechek; 6. Justin Allgaier; 7. Brandon Jones; 8. Michael Annett; 9. Ryan Sieg; 10. Chase Briscoe;

Las Vegas Xfinity Race
Stage 3 – Report

Laps: 110

The field heads for the pit lane. Reddick is first in and first off.

Green on stage three, Kyle Busch gives a huge push to Tyler Reddick. Behind them, they split Christopher Bell in turn one.

Lap 111, Kyle Busch heads to the top in turn three. He pulls to the right rear of Reddick. Busch confirms the pass in turn one, he leads off turn two.

Lap 122, the leaders race through lap traffic. Christopher Bell climbs into the scene and takes 2nd.

Allgaier has an issue. He was inside the top 10. Smoke is now rolling out the back of his machine. He heads to the garage.

Green flag pit cycle

Kyle Busch leads Christopher Bell by 0.4 seconds. 54 to go, Michael Annett and Austin Dillon start the pit cycle. 52 to go, Kyle Busch and Tyler Reddick head for the pit lane. 51 to go, Christopher Bell heads for the pits.

Kyle Busch cycles back to the lead. Reddick runs 2nd, 1.5 seconds back.

25 to go, Kyle Busch, Christopher Bell and Tyler Reddick run nose to tail. They’ve migrated to the high side of the race track. Right against the wall, they’ve lapped most. 7 cars remain on the lead lap.

21 to go, Bell is all over Busch for the race lead. 20 to go, Busch gets loose off turn four. He kisses the wall off turn four. Bell dives to the inside through the tri-oval. He’s clear into turn one, Bell leads.

Bell tags the wall in turn one! Kyle Busch cuts to the bottom and retakes the leads.

Bell gets into the wall once more! Bell was trying to squeeze between Reddick and the wall. Reddick took the lane away. They made light contact but all cars continue.

13 to go, Bell is running Busch down for the second time. Busch leads by 1.2 seconds. Busch tags the wall off turn two.

12 to go, Ja Avila Jr spins. The caution is out.

The field heads to the pit lane. Four tires for all. Kyle Busch leads Christopher Bell to the pit exit.

6 to go

Kyle Busch picks the outside lane.

Green flag, Bell noses ahead heading into turn one. Busch pinches his entry to the corner. Busch comes off turn two with the lead and huge push from Jones.

Reddick moves to 2nd on the outside. Reddick runs high in turn one, Busch to the bottom. Busch breaks the draft down the back.

3 to go, Reddick is on his bumper. He has a look to the inside in turn three then bails. Busch heads to the top in turn one, that forces Reddick to the bottom. That didn’t work for Reddick.

Big crash behind them! Cole Custer had a look to the inside of Brandon Jones as he struggles off turn two. Jones tried to block the move into turn three. Instead, he turns himself across the nose of Custer. Jones over-corrected and headed directly right into the outside wall. That hit was massive but Jones has climbed from the car.

NASCAR Overtime

Green flag, they’re even at the line. Even into turn one and off turn two. They trade side drafts down the back.

Reddick gets loose under Busch off turn four! He chases it up the hill and clips the door of Bell, they both spin. other cars are collected.

The caution is out for the seventh time.

Overtime #2

Green flag, Busch gets the jump on John Hunter Nemechek. He side drafts and pulls him back as they head into turn one. Even off turn two.

Busch takes the lead in turn three. They get the white. Busch opens a gap to Nemechek.

Kyle Busch wins the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway! It’s his 93rd career win.

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Las Vegas
Xfinity Race Results
March 2nd, 2019

Pos | Driver

1. Kyle Busch
2. John Hunter Nemechek
3. Noah Gragson
4. Austin Dillon
5. Michael Annett
6. Ryan Sieg
7. Ross Chastain
8. Chase Briscoe
9. Cole Custer
10. Justin Haley
11. Ray Black II
12. Gray Gaulding
13. Christopher Bell
14. Tyler Reddick
15. Jeremy Clements
16. Josh Williams
17. Brandon Brown
18. Garrett Smithley
19. David Starr
20. BJ McLeod
21. Chad Finchum
22. Austin Cindric
23. Timmy Hill
24. Zane Smith
25. Ja junior Avila
26. Vinnie Miller
27. Stephen Leicht
28. Brandon Jones
29. Matt Mills
30. Mike Harmom
31. Justin Allgaier
32. Jeff Green
33. Morgan Shepherd
34. Bayley Currey
35. Stan Mullis
36. Josh Bilicki
37. Donald Theetge
38. Joey Gase


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