NASCAR crew member ejected from Michigan International Speedway

Michigan International Speedway inspection issues

Tomorrow, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series will take the green flag at Michigan International Speedway.

Today, the field is set for qualifying. This is an impound race which means what the teams use in qualifying is about what they’ll have for the race.

Additionally, there is no post-qualifying or pre-race inspection. The inspection ahead of qualifying will double as both of those other inspections.

About 10 cars failed Michigan inspection on their first pass through the “Room of Doom”. One failed inspection doesn’t result in a penalty. Those cars just went to the tail of the line to try it again.

All those cars passed inspection on their second attempt, except Martin Truex Jr. The Joe Gibbs Racing team also failed on their second attempt.

That has resulted in a penalty to the team. NASCAR has ejected a crew member as a result. JT Adkins has been ejected, he’s the race engineer for the team.

The #19 of Martin Truex Jr passed inspection on his third attempt. Had he failed on the 3rd attempt he would not have been allowed to qualify.

NASCAR inspection rules
Pre-qualifying & Pre-race

Michigan International Speedway inspection violation rules:

1 NASCAR Inspection failure: No penalty, the team gets to go to the back of the inspection line and try again.

2 NASCAR inspection failure: If a team fails twice, NASCAR will eject a crew member of their choosing.

3 NASCAR inspection failures: If a team failed three times then they lose a crew member. They also won’t be allowed to qualify.


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