Bowman Gray Stadium turns into demo derby of mad modified drivers (Video)

Jonathan Brown vs Jason Myers: Drivers run backwards on track in rage

Let’s see why they call it The Madhouse.

Bowman Gray Stadium is something else. The track is a 1/4-mile bullring oval located in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Saturday night’s show at ‘The Madhouse’ erupted the grandstands.

Watch the Jonathan Brown vs Jason Myers video below.

Burt Myers drove it to the victory in the second of two modified main events on the night. However, the race track was converted into a demo derby.

Jonathan Brown at Bowman Gray Stadium 2
Jonathan Brown at Bowman Gray Stadium 2 (Photo: Erick Messer Photography)

Lap car gets into leaders

Jonathan Brown was riding in 4th. However, he ran into issues with a lap car.

Jason Myers was that lap car in question. The contact sent the 4th place car for a loop.

Brown retaliated by hitting Myers as the crowd errupted. He then pinned him against the outside wall, wheels spinning as he stood on the gas to keep him there.

Myers was able to break free. He spun around and took aim at Brown.

Full throttle, Myers drove backwards on the race track. Brown lit up the tires and pulled away at the last second.

Myers struck him in the left rear but mostly missed and put himself in the outside wall where the car stalled.

Brown then looped it through the infield grass, causing officials to run. As Myers sat stalled against the wall it was Brown’s turn to take aim.

Full throttle, Brown nailed him in the back bumper. Now, both cars were broken and stalled in turn four.

Brown climbed from his car in a hurry as Myers remained strapped to his car. Police ran to the car, they grabbed the driver and escorted him out of the complex.

It was several minutes of pure insanity. The fans loved every second of the show.

Both Jonathan Brown and Jason Myers were approached for comment. Each were unavailable at the time of publication.

Cover Photo: Erick Messer Photography

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