Kurt Busch vs Ricky Stenhouse Jr: Feud escalates

Ricky Stenhouse Jr purposefully turned Kurt Busch at Pocono Raceway after contact; The two NASCAR drivers communicated on the incident mid-week

A caution late in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series racd on Sunday setup a shootout. a 4 lap race to the finish at Pocono Raceway.

The new rules package has created more downforce and less horsepower. The addition of aero ducts create a massive tow when drafting the 3,740 foot front straight away.

The front car can still checkout in clean air. However, everyone behind the leader is in a group and a mad scramble for position.

Kurt Busch restarted in 17th for the shootout finish. Ricky Stenhouse Jr started behind him in 19th.

Kurt Busch was four wide and on the outside in turn one. Off the corner, Stenhouse looked to his outside and made it five wide!

Bowyer was under Busch off the corner. He moved up the track, unaware they were suddenly five wide or just unable to do anything about it.

Busch was forced up the track. Stenhouse was already on his outside. Stenhouse got him in the left rear and Busch was turned into the wall as Stenhouse made contact with the wall as well.

Busch was able to keep it going straight and the green was still out. However, Stenhouse was on his bumper. Purposefully, Stenhouse caught up to him and hooked him in the left rear for a second point of contact.

Busch was turned down the straight away. He slid across the track and made contact with Michael McDowell who almost went airborne.

After the race

McDowell’s car was torn up for no reason. That happens sometimes.

Michael McDowell: “Wrong place wrong time. Nothing went right for us today. P25 lead lap with a beat up race car. Excited for Watkins Glen International next week.

Neither driver approached the other at the race track. Kurt Busch decided to sleep on his reaction. When he woke up…

Kurt Busch: “After sleeping on it I’ve decided to take the high road with the Stenhouse incident. Hopefully he won’t wreck me up there as well.”

Ricky Stenhouse Jr responded: “Take the road on over if you really want to handle it. You have my number.”

NASCAR is in a good place.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr and Kurt Busch
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