Scott Speed breaks back in crash

“Last night was easily the scariest and most painful time I can remember.” -Scott Speed

This weekend, the Nitro World Games are underway at the Utah Motorsports Campus.

See the Scott Speed hospital photo and update below.

The sanction hosts a select number of events across the country per year. It was created by Nitro Circus and action sports icon Travis Pastrana.

Per the mission statement, “Nitro World Games pushes the limits of action sports competition.”

Speed is a karting driver turned Formula One competitor. He then went on to compete in NASCAR for several seasons before the Red Bull Racing Team disappeared from stock car racing.

The versatile interest in various forms of motorsports has landed speed in a form of racing that combines them all, Rallycross.

This weekend, Speed is completing in the Nitro Circus World Games. He was piloting the Subaru.

Last night, Scott Speed was on hand for qualifying in the Rallycross event in Utah. A crash landed him in the hospital.

Scott Speed
Medical Update

The driver issued a statement via social media:

“Sorry for a late update. After landing hard in Q1 I broke my back. Was rushed to the local hospital for checks. CT scan confirmed a destroyed t6,” Speed opened the update.

“Then was taken to a spine specialist at University of Utah. Finally got an MRI done around 3am.. we found I have 3 fractured vertebrae.”

“Waiting now for the surgeons to give us the game plan. Last night was easily the scariest and most painful time I can remember. Was in a pretty dark place.”

“But I want to thank so much everyone who came and spent time with me. No way I could have made it thru alone. @peterbminnig will forever have a place in my heart for all that he did and Luckily the best cousin in the world @jekka_arellano lives here to play mama bear for me.”

“So excited to see Amanda and dad here soon. Thanks for all the kind text messages!”

The Nitro World Games are set to continue today. The Nitro Rallycross Championship Race will air online at 4pm PT / 7pm ET.

The photo below was posted by Scott Speed. Thumbs up from the hospital bed.

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