Chris Madden discusses Scott Bloomquist Racing

Madden talks the partnership with his new #0M team

In June, Chris Madden left his ride with the Skyline Motorsports #44. He then dropped off the World of Outlaws Late Model Series tour.

Madden was on a search for a new ride. Conversations with Scott Bloomquist led to a second entry with SBR. Madden climbed into the #0M machine.

In the last seven races, Madden has collected 5 wins. The victories from those five races total $155,000 in earnings.

His last win pocketed $40,000 in the Topless 100 at Batesville Motor Speedway. Onto the Dirt Million, Madden was unfortunately injured in a golf cart crash at Mansfield Motor Speedway, ahead of the race weekend.

Madden is now sitting out in the highest paying dirt late model race of the year. Yet, he’s just at home resting in South Carolina. The injuries aren’t likely to be as bad as originally expected.

Madden will soon return to the cockpit. And he’ll likely pick up where he left off.

Chris Madden and Scott Bloomquist at Batesville Motor Speedway - Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series 4857
Chris Madden and Scott Bloomquist at Batesville Motor Speedway – Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series 4857

Chris Madden on signing with Scott Bloomquist Racing

Why do you think this team has been such a good fit for you?

“It’s just all the time we’ve had together in the past,” Chris Madden told .

“Our driving styles are so much the same. My driving style pretty much lays right over the top of his driving style.”

“When you have two drivers that have that, it’s a lot easier to tune. And to share notes.”

Do you guys bounce notes off of each other or is it more of just a one way deal?

“No, there’s no one way. If it was one way, it wouldn’t work.”

“Obviously, it takes two to have what we got going on right now.”

How did this deal come together even? I mean, who reached out to who?

“We’ve never lost communication, me and Scott. I raced for him for probably 10-12 years before.”

“And we’ve probably helped each other and shared information for probably the past 20 years. That just goes a long way, with knowing how each of us work.”

“It’s not new. We just reunited.”

“Him, with his health condition. Me, quitting the deal that I was in. We just thought it would be best to be reunited and started this thing back up.”

I was thinking that maybe you were working on this deal before quitting that ride? Or is that not the case?

“Not really. I was not cutting them short of anything and it just didn’t work.”


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