Confederate flag plane flies over Bristol Motor Speedway (VIDEO)

For the second time, a plane flew over a NASCAR track carrying a Confederate flag; Weeks after the sport banned the flag from all events

We’ve seen this movie once before.

A month ago, NASCAR decided to ban the use of the Confederate flag at all events and properties. It’s a decision that’s split 50/50 down the fanbase.

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A few weeks later, a place flew over the Talladega Superspeedway. It carried the Confederate flag along with a ‘Defund NASCAR’ message on the banner.

This came the same weekend that a noose was discovered in the garage area of Bubba Wallace, the only African-American NCS driver. The FBI investigated the incident and discovered it wasn’t a hate crime as the noose was installed on the garage pull since at least 2019.

Sons of Confederate Veterans claimed responsibility for the plane at Talladega. After the stunt, they stated they’d do it again because of the amount of exposure it brought their organization.

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Racial tensions have sparked in the last few months. NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr is from the state of Mississippi. He previous featured the state flag on hos racing suit. The state featured the Confederate flag in the corner of the flag.

Several weeks ago, he was proactive to remove the flag from his suit. Since, the state has elected to change the design of their flag.

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Confederate flag over Bristol Motor Speedway
Confederate flag over Bristol Motor Speedway

Confederate flag over Bristol Motor Speedway

On Wednesday, NASCAR visited Bristol Motor Speedway. All-Star night featured two races on the half-mile concrete oval in Tennessee.

Ahead of the races, another plane flew over the speedway. This time, instead of ‘Defund NASCAR’, it carried a Confederate flag along with a url link to the organizations website.

Sons of Confederate Veterans is responsible for the second showing of the Confederate flag from the air.

The short track race was the first to allow major numbers of fans back into the facility. It recorded the largest sporting crowd since the pandemic began.

Outside the facility, vendors sold Confederate flags in bulk.

Fans were required to wear fask masks upon entering the facility. Once they reached their seats, they were allowed to remove them.

It’s estimated some 20,000 people attended the event. The stadium seats between 140,000 to 160,000. Thus, social distancing was easy to accomplish.

Chase Elliott drove to victory lane. NASCAR’s most popular driver pocketed $1,111,000 for his victory in the NASCAR All-Star Race.

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