Plane pulls Confederate flag over Richmond Raceway (Video)

Watch the video of the stunt

On Wednesday morning, the City of Richmond removed the Gen. Robert E. Lee statue. The statue stood for 131 years, in the former capital city of the Confederate.

Watch the video of the Confederate flag plane below.

On Saturday, NASCAR visited Richmond Raceway. The 0.75-mile short track hosted a playoff event for the NASCAR Cup Series.

The Cup race race opened with a spectacular tribute on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. A fire truck paced the field on the parade laps, sirens blaring.

But it wasn’t all positive on Saturday…

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Confederate flag plane

The Confederate flag has regularly been seen at NASCAR races, particularly in the South. However, in 2020, that all came to an end as NASCAR banned the flag.

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Bubba Wallace encouraged the ban of the flag. A week later, that led to the famous noose incident in the garage of Bubba Wallace at Talladega. Which turned out to be a garage pull that had been in that stall for over a year, well before Wallace’s team occupied the stall.

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On Saturday afternoon, in the middle of the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Richmond, a plane was seen circling the speedway. The plane pulled a Confederate flag through the air.

A message was also attached to the banner, “God Bless Robert E. Lee.”

It’s not clear who piloted or paid for the plane stunt. However, it’s near identical to previous incidents that the Sons of Confederate Veterans had taken credit for.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans previously paid for a plane to fly over Talladega Superspeedway, just a week after NASCAR banned Confederate flags from all events and properties.

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In that case, the plane pulled a banner with the Confederate flag and the phrase, “Defund NASCAR.”

Weeks later, the same plane was seen at Bristol Motor Speedway.

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Confederate flag over Richmond Raceway

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