Plane pulls Confederate flag over Talladega Superspeedway ahead of NASCAR race (VIDEO)

NASCAR recently banned the Confederate flag; Today, a plane is pulling one across airspace above the race track in protest

At Atlanta Motor Speedway, the field was stopped on the track just prior to the start of the race. With the engines shut off, the President of NASCAR stated that change was needed and even NASCAR needed to do better.

Steve Phelps was referring to racial inequality.

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Also ahead of that race, an African-American NASCAR official kneeled during the National Anthem.

NASCAR previously had rules that prevented kneeling or any protests during the Anthem. Standing was required. In recent weeks, those line have been omitted from the rule book.

Several weeks ago, NASCAR announced a ban on the Confederate flag from all events and properties.

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This is a sport that was born in the South. Most who elect to fly the flag see it as a sign of Southern Pride.

A poll setup on our own social media accounts show 51% of our audience is in favor of the Confederate flag ban while 49% are in disagreement

Many of the changes above have absolutely triggered a certain section of the fan base. They’re usually just vocal with angry face reacts and comments.

Then there’s this guy…

Confederate flag pulled by plane at Talladega Superspeedway

Ahead of today’s race, a plane is circling over the race track. The plane is pulling a Confederate flag with the message “Defund NASCAR” attached to the flag.

Watch the video below of the plane flying the Confederate flag over Talladega Superspeedway.

NASCAR EVP Steve O’Donnell commented on the flag via twitter, “You won’t see a photo of a jackass flying a flag over the track here…but you will see this…Hope EVERYONE enjoys the race today.”

Jonathan Willard is a jackman in the NASCAR Cup Series. He commented on the plane via twitter, “So this is what we are doing now. This is really sad. It’s 2020 and you lost that war.”

Talladega Superspeedway is set to host the NASCAR Cup Series. The 2.66-mile oval is located in Talladega, Alabama.

Denny Hamlin will started from the front row in today’s event. His sponsor, Fedex, has replaced their logo with a logo for the National Civil Rights Museum, which they have supported in the past.

The plane circled many times across the speedway, hours ahead of the event. Weather later moved in, pushed out the plane and also postponed the rain to Monday.

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NASCAR’s plan for enforcing the Confederate flag ban

Campgrounds surrounding Southern race tracks are typically filled with Confederate flags. These are the tracks where you’ll see the most pride for the flag.

5,000 fans are welcomed to the grandstands today. It’s only the second race back with fans since March. (1,000 service members were invited last weekend in Miami.)

These fans wont be allowed to bring the flags into the facility. Security checkpoints typically search for firearms and weapons. Now, the Confederate flag has been added to that list.

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Additionally, t-shirts and other clothing which prominently features the Confederate flag will not be allowed.

If a fan flys the flag outside the security checkpoint but on NASCAR or track property, they will be asked to remove it. If the fans doesn’t comply, they could be asked to leave or be arrested with a trespassing charge.

But, the airspace? This is uncharted territory.

Confederate flag pulled by plane at Talladega Superspeedway

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