NASCAR confiscates spoilers at Michigan International Speedway

Big penalties handed out ahead of the green flag at Michigan International Speedway

Later today, the NASCAR Cup Series is set to take the green flag in the first of two races this weekend at Michigan International Speedway.

Ahead of today’s green, the cars are required to roll through the inspection line. This comes ahead of any track time as the series is without practice or qualifying.

The cars of both Ryan Newman and Chris Buescher were found to be in violation of NASCAR rule 20.4.12.b.

Per a NASCAR release, “Except as specified, spoilers must be used exactly as supplied from the manufacturer. As a result of the violation, each team will be penalized with the loss of 20 driver and owner points, receive a $25,000 fine and start at the rear for Saturday’s race.”

Newman drew the 13th starting position while Buescher was scheduled to roll off 22nd. Both cars will tag onto the tail.

More inspection failures

Additionally, the cars of Joey Gase and Jimmie Johnson each failed pre-race inspection twice. Per the rules, those cars will also go to the rear of the field.

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NASCAR Inspection Penalties (Rules)

1 NASCAR Inspection failure: No penalty, the team gets to go to the back of the inspection line and try again.

2 NASCAR inspection failure: If a team fails twice, NASCAR will send that car to the rear of the field.

3 NASCAR inspection failures: They have to start at the rear. In addition, the car has to serve a pass through penalty on pit lane at the start of the race.

Typically, NASCAR crew members are ejected on a second failure. However, due to a lack of practice and/or qualifying in recent events, series officials have given less-strict ejections for failed pre-race inspections.


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