NASCAR qualifying times disallowed at Michigan International Speedway

L1 penalties have been handed out in the NASCAR Cup Series following qualifying

On Friday afternoon, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series took to the 2-mile oval for qualifying. The session set the grid for Sunday’s race in Brooklyn, Michigan.

Ahead of qualifying, teams passed inspection. No team failed more than twice on the run through the Room of Doom.

However, after qualifying, NASCAR came across a violation. Both Richard Childress Racing entries have been handed a penalty and their times will be disallowed.

Austin Dillon set a time good enough for 7th. His teammate, Daniel Hemric was set to start in 11th. They will now move to the tail of the 38 car field.

NASCAR discovered an alternator infraction. It is an L1 penalty.

Each crew chief has been fined $25,000, $50,000 total for RCR. In addition, each team will lose 10 owner and driver points.

The alternators in this case were essentially dummy alternators that did not function.

Austin Dillon was fastest overall in the opening round of practice on Friday afternoon. He’ll now be coming from the tail of the field.

More inspections remain for the weekend. The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series will roll through pre-race inspection on Sunday afternoon.

NASCAR Alternator Rules

NASCAR Rule Book: 20.7.4

.a Only a single alternator system will be permitted.

.b A functional alternator, with either an internal or an external voltage regulator and one output wire, must be installed during competition.

.c The input wire to the alternator may be controlled by an on/off alternator switch. The alternator switch, which used, must be located on the dash.

.d The alternator must be mounted on the front of the engine with the shaft center of the alternator higher than the shaft center of the water pump.

.e The alternator design must be capable of drawing engine crankshaft power to create electrical power. Alternator/starter combination designs capable of drawing electrical power to create engine crankshaft power will not be permitted.

.f Only alternators using discrete rectifier diodes will be permitted.

.g Only standard production V-type or flat type V-ribber alternator drive belts will be permitted. Cog-type alternator belts will not be permitted.


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