USA Nationals Results: August 8, 2020 (World of Outlaws Late Model)

The $50,000 to win weekend is in the books at Cedar Lake Speedway!

Tonight, the three-day dirt late model weekend comes to a close at Cedar Lake Speedway. $50,000 is up for grabs at the 3/8-mile in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

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Pierce missed the 10 minute call. He’ll start from the tail of the field.

Billy Moyer and Brian Shirley set the front row for the main event. 100 laps of dirt late model racing are up next…

USA Nationals
Feature – Report

Green flag, Moyer leads into turn one as he forces Shirley wide.

Lap 2, the caution is out.

Green, Moyer leads. Kyle Bronson holds 2nd as most of the field runs the bottom early.

Lap 8, Winger is slow and the caution is out.

Green, Moyer leads. Overton drives by Bronson on the outside to take 2nd into turn one.

Lap 13, Tyler Erb slides Bronson for 3rd.

Lap 16, Shannon Babb is slow and the caution is out.

Green, Moyer leads Overton.

Lap 31, Erb clears Overton for 2nd. Moyer works heavy lap traffic.

Lap 35, Tyler Erb moves to the top to try the cushion. Overton drives by on the bottom to retake 2nd. Both of them are running down Moyer.

Lap 40, Moyer runs the middle. Overton runs the bottom. He pulls to his number but can’t complete the pass.

Lap 44, Overton pins Moyer behind a lap car. Overton to the lead!


Lap 53, Jason Rauen is around off turn four and the caution is out.

Green, Overton leads. Sheppard gets the jump on Moyer into turn one.

Slow car and the caution is back out.

Green, Overton leads on the outside.

Lap 56, Dennis Erb is slow and the caution is out.

Green, Overton leads Sheppard. They run three wide for 3rd. Owens jumps the cushion and drops five spots.

Lap 66, Jimmy Owens is slow and the caution is out.

Green, Overton leads. Pierce is knocking on the cushion and coming to the front!

Lap 75, Sheppard has moved to the cushion. Overton leads by 10 car lengths.

Tyler Erb vs Bobby Pierce

14 to go, Erb runs the bottom. Pierce has a run on the cushion off turn two. Pierce gets into the back of Tyler Erb into turn three and Erb is around!

Tyler Erb drives backwards on track and parks on the front nose of Bobby Pierce! Erb punches the gas and runs up on the nose of Pierce!

Bob Pierce runs onto the track and puts his face in the window of Tyler Erb. An official is also there. Erb knocks an official to the ground as he pulls away.

Erb has been disqualified!

The No. 1 pulls into the infield. Multiple officials comes into the scene to calm him down.

Bobby Pierce has also been sent to the pits! He’s penalized as father Bob Pierce ran onto the race track.

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Sheppard can’t re-fire! He gets a push to the infield.

Green, Overton leads Rick Eckert.

Brandon Overton wins at Cedar Lake Speedway!

World of Outlaws
Late Model Series
Cedar Lake Speedway
August 8, 2020

View full results from the New Richmond, WI dirt track below.

Hot Laps

Last Chance Showdown Hot Laps (Combined) : 1. Kyle Strickler (13.508); 2. Stormy Scott (13.755); 3. Allen Murray (13.934); 4. Ryan Gustin; 5. Jake Timm; 6. Gordy Gundaker; 7. Dennis Erb Jr; 8. Bobby Pierce; 9. Mitch McGrath; 10. Tim Isenberg;

11. Ross Bailes; 12. Shannon Babb; 13. Jason Feger; 14. Lance Matthees; 15. Colton Horner; 16. Boom Briggs; 17. Daniel Hilsabeck; 18. Jason Papich; 19. Chad Mahder; 20. Brent Larson;

— Note: The transfer cars ran their hot lap session after the LCQ’s were concluded.

Transfer Cars (Combined) : 1. Kyle Bronson (14.185); 2. Tyler Erb (14.209); 3. Brandon Sheppard (14.380); 4. Jimmy Owens; 5. Ashton Winger; 6. Cade Dillard; 7. Billy Moyer; 8. Brandon Overton; 9. Chris Simpson; 10. Brian Shirley; 11. Rick Eckert; 12. Frank Heckenast Jr; 13. Mike Marlar; 14. Jimmy Mars; 15. Darrell Lanigan; 16. Jason Rauen;


Last Chance Showdown 1 (15 Laps – Top 3 Transfer – Pos 17-19): 1. Chad Mahder; 2. Scott Bloomquist; 3. Ryan Gustin; 4. Brent Larson; 5. Ross Bailes; 6. Jason Papich; 7. Mitch McGrath; 8. Jason Feger; 9. Gordy Gundaker; 10. Daniel Hilsabeck; 11. Boom Briggs; 12. Scott Ward; 13. Dustin Sorenson; 14. Chase Junghans; 15. Jeff Massingill;

Last Chance Showdown 2 (15 Laps – Top 3 Transfer – Pos 20-22): 1. Stormy Scott; 2. Kyle Strickler; 3. Bobby Pierce; 4. Ricky Weiss; 5. Dennis Erb Jr; 6. Shannon Babb; 7. Jake Timm; 8. Allen Murray; 9. Rusty Griffaw; 10. Lance Matthees; 11. Colton Horner; 12. Tim Isenberg; 13. Nick Anvelink; 14. Reid Millard;

Last Chance Qualifier 1 (15 Laps – Top 2 Transfer to Pos 23-24): 1. Dennis Erb Jr; 2. Brent Larson; 3. Ross Bailes; 4. Jason Feger; 5. Jason Papich; 6. Mitch McGrath; 7. Shannon Babb; 8. Jake Timm; 9. Gordy Gundaker; 10. Boom Briggs; 11. Nick Anvelink; 12. Lance Matthees; 13. Allen Murray; 14. Daniel Hilsabeck; 15. Colton Horner; 16. Rusty Griffaw;

Cedar Lake Speedway
Feature Results
August 8, 2020

100 Laps: $50,000 to win

Pos | Driver

1. Brandon Overton
2. Rick Eckert
3. Jimmy Mars
4. Scott Bloomquist
5. Billy Moyer
6. Ricky Weiss
7. Chris Simpson
8. Kyle Strickler
9. Stormy Scott
10. Ross Bailes
11. Cade Dillard
12. Brent Larson
13. Brian Shirley
14. Jason Rauen
15. Frank Heckenast Jr
16. Brandon Sheppard
17. Bobby Pierce
18. Jimmy Owens
19. Darrell Lanigan
20. Mike Marlar
21. Dennis Erb Jr
22. Ryan Gustin
23. Chase Junghans
24. Chad Mahder
25. Kyle Bronson
26. Shannon Babb
27. Ashton Winger
28. Tyler Erb

World of Outlaws
Late Model Points

After: Cedar Lake (August 8, 2020)

Pos | Driver | Points

1. Brandon Sheppard

2. Ricky Weiss

3. Cade Dillard

4. Darrell Lanigan

5. Chase Junghans

6. Dennis Erb Jr

7. Scott Bloomquist

8. Ashton Winger

9. Boom Briggs

10. Brent Larson

11. Chris Madden

12. Matt Cosner

Cedar Lake Speedway
Video Recap
August 8, 2020

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