23XI Racing: Michael Jordan, Denny Hamlin name new NASCAR team (Video)

New information has been released on NASCAR’s newest race team

23XI Racing (pronounced twenty-three eleven) will make their debut in the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season.

The new NASCAR team is funded by 7-time NBA champion Michael Jordan and current NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin. Last month, Bubba Wallace was confirmed as the driver for the team.

News reports first claimed the rumor, it wasn’t true. Then, it became true as Hamlin and Jordan joked about the reports.

As of Thursday, a team name, website and social media channels have been announced.

A charter has already been purchased from the No. 13 team of Germain Racing. A starting spot is guaranteed in every 2021 event.

Now, the team has a confirmed number. They will field the No. 23, the same number seen through most of Jordan’s NBA career.

“Michael and I have a shared vision for this team, so it’s exciting to see it reflected in the team name and on the race car with the iconic number 23 that Michael made famous,” Hamlin stated in the latest team release.

Hamlin added via twitter, “A new chapter in Motorsports. The norm doesn’t fit for us. This is only the beginning.”

23-11 Racing will likely field Toyota machines. An official announcement of an alliance with Joe Gibbs Racing hasn’t been announced but it’s expected.

The team logo was also released on the team’s various social media channels.

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