Millbridge Speedway Results: December 12, 2020

NASCAR stars Chase Briscoe, Chase Elliott and Kyle Larson throw down in the thrilling Midget Showdown with twin features!

Millbridge Speedway is a 1/6-mile dirt track in Salisbury, NC. Today, we’re going day racing in the Carolina Midget Showdown.

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Carolina Midget Showdown
Dec 11 | Dec 12

Format: The field run run through a full program with an A Main. After qualifying, the field is inverted for the heat races and passing points will be collected. The finishing order of the first A main will then be inverted for the starting lineup of the second A Main. Combined points from each A Main will determine the champion of the event.

It’s the first time dirt midgets have made an appearance at the bullring race track. It’s set to be an exciting day of racing with some of the business in the business.

The Carolina Midget Showdown was originally scheduled as a much larger multi-day show. However, as the NC Gov. added new restrictions, the event became invite only entries with no grandstand attendance.

It’s a shame because they would have packed the tiny dirt track. The stars of NASCAR are in the field, including the 2020 champion, Chase Elliott. The midget drivers are using this event as a test session ahead of the famed Chili Bowl Nationals next month.

Chase Elliott is making his first ever start in a dirt midget. To win, he’ll have to top the best in the business and a driver who’s won everything on dirt in 2020, Kyle Larson.

Main Event #1

Laps: 30

Kyle Larson and Cannon McIntosh line up on the front row for the first of two main events. The rest of the field is set by passing points from the heat races.

Green flag, McIntosh gets the jump on the inside lane. He drives it too deep and slides all the way through turn one until he runs out of track and tags the wall! Larson runs into his parked car and he rolls over the top of McIntosh, upside down goes Larson. Drake and Elliott are all collected as the entire outside lane had nowhere to Larson.

Larson is ok as the car came back down on it’s wheels but Larson has right front damage. The crew is at work under the caution is make repairs and get him back on the track. And just ahead of the complete restart, Larson is back on the track!

Leary and Kvapil move to the front row ahead of the green flag.

Green, Leary leads. Timms takes the lead away on the bottom as Leary hits the cushion. Larson is flying through the field behind them!

Lap 5, three wide for the lead! Slider after slider between Timms, Leary and Briscoe as Larson closes quickly on all three.

Lap 6, the caution is out.

Green, Timms leads with Briscoe all over his bumper. Larson takes 3rd away as Briscoe takes over the lead.

Halfway in A Main #1

Lap 18, Larson clears Timms for 2nd. Larson closes on Briscoe.

Lap 21, opens the gap to Larson, he leads by 1 second. But, the caution is out.

Green, Briscoe leads on the bottom. Larson hits the cushion.

6 to go, Larson drives it deep into the corner and pulls to his right rear but he loses corner exit momentum in the process.

5 to go, Larson gives it another shot. This time, he hits the cushion and drives off the corner, pulling even with Briscoe! Briscoe drives it deep to the bottom and clears him once again. Larson is knocking the cushion really late off the corner.

4 to go, caution.

Green, Briscoe heads right to the bottom, Larson hits the cushion.

2 to go, Larson gets to the right rear of Briscoe as he bangs his right rear off the wall.

Final lap, Briscoe leads by two car lengths into turn three. Larson hits the cushion and rides it all the way around. Larson gets to the right rear of Briscoe off turn four!

Side by side to the line, Briscoe wins A Main #1!

Chase Briscoe wins at Millbridge Speedway
Chase Briscoe wins at Millbridge Speedway

Main Event #2

We’re not done!

With one feature in the books, the field is now inverted. A dice roll declared the top 8 finishers from A Main #1 would be inverted to start the second main event.

However, some of those cars were a lap down and it would have put lap down cars from the last race on the front row. Instead, Larson and others agreed to a 6 car invert.

The invert has placed Carson Kvapil and Ryan Timms on the front row. However, Kvapil was unable to make the call. CJ Leary moves up to the pole. The field is racked and we’re ready for 40 more laps of racing…

Green flag on A Main #2, Timms wheelies at the launch and leads into then one. They quickly form three wide for 2nd.

Lap 2, Michael Markey is around and the caution is out.

Green, Timms leads Leary and Larson into turn one.

Lap 5, Cannon McIntosh bangs the cushion as they fight for the bottom ahead of him. Four car battle for the lead. CJ Leary moves to the cushion and clears Timms. Spin behind them, caution.

Green, Leary hits the cushion in turn one. Timms rolls the bottom. They run side by side at corner entry.

Lap 10, Larson and Timms trade sliders for 2nd as Leary opens the gap. Larson clears him and takes 2nd. McIntish is coming around the top after starting toward the back of the field. Larson and McIntosh tangle but they keep rolling.

Lap 11, McIntosh and Larson trade slider after slider. That’s the battle for 2nd.

Lap 14 in A Main #2

Lat 14, Jimmy Glenn spins and the caution is out.

Green, Leary leads and chops down on Larson into turn one.

Lap 15, Larson slides Leary for the lead. They cross and Larson slides him again. Larson leads!

Jimmy Glenn spins and the caution is back out.

Green, Larson leads Leary into turn one. Leary bounces over the cushion and he’s forced to lift. McIntosh closes and slides Leary for 2nd.

Lap 20, McIntosh slides Larson for the lead. Larson crosses under him, slider. McIntosh slides him back. Larson slides him once more. Crazy!

Lap 25, Larson opens the gap as McIntosh knocks the cushion and bicycles. Briscoe takes over 2nd in the process.

6 to go in A Main #2

6 to go, the caution is out as Kvapil spins!

Green, Larson leads Briscoe into turn one. McIntosh bangs the cushion and the car jumps but he still takes 2nd away from Briscoe.

5 to go, McIntosh is all over the bumper of Larson as they nearly tangle off the corner.

2 to go, red flag! Ryan Timms knocks the cushion but he tags the wall with the right rear. He’s immediately sent into a barrel roll. The driver climbs from the car as his machine is off on the hook.

Green, Larson leads, McIntosh knocks the cushion but Briscoe pulls even as they battle for 2nd.

Kyle Larson wins at Millbridge Speedway!

Millbridge Speedway Results
December 12, 2020
Carolina Midget Showdown

View full results from the dirt track in Salisbury, NC below.

Hot Laps

Practice (Combined) : 1. Cannon McIntosh (9.989); 2. Ryan Timms (10.107); 3. CJ Leary (10.249); 4. Kyle Larson (10.253); 5. Nick Drake (10.294); 6. Chase Elliott (10.299); 7. Chase Briscoe (10.312); 8. Carson Kvapil (10.664); 9. Matt Linder (11.058); 10. Greg Mitchell (11.248); 11. Jimmy Glenn (11.280); 12. Michael Markey (11.444);


Qualifying (2 Laps – Combined) : 1. Kyle Larson (9.865); 2. Cannon McIntosh (10.037); 3. Ryan Timms (10.256); 4. Nick Drake (10.377); 5. CJ Leary (10.433); 6. Chase Briscoe (10.455); 7. Carson Kvapil (10.563); 8. Chase Elliott (10.623); 9. Matt Linder (11.043); 10. Jimmy Glenn (11.567); 11. Michael Markey (11.667);

Heat Races

Heat 1 (10 Laps – All Advance – Passing Points) : 1. CJ Leary; 2. Kyle Larson; 3. Ryan Timms; 4. Carson Kvapil; 5. Michael Markey; 6. Matt Linder; 7. Greg Mitchell;

Heat 2 (10 Laps – All Advance – Passing Points) : 1. Cannon McIntosh; 2. Nick Drake; 3. Chase Elliott; 4. Chase Briscoe; 5. Jimmy Glenn;

Midget Showdown
Main Event #1

30 Laps | $500 to win

1. Chase Briscoe
2. Kyle Larson
3. Chase Elliott
4. CJ Leary
5. Ryan Timms
6. Carson Kvapil
7. Michael Markey
8. Jimmy Glenn
9. Cannon McIntosh
10. Nick Drake
11. Matt Linder

Midget Showdown
Main Event #2

Note: The field was inverted after the finish of the first A Main to set the starting order for the second A Main. They inverted the top 6 cars ahead of the start.

40 Laps | $500 to win

1. Kyle Larson
2. Cannon McIntosh
3. Chase Briscoe
4. Chase Elliott
5. CJ Leary
6. Jimmy Glenn
7. Michael Markey
8. Ryan Timms
9. Carson Kvapil
10. Nick Drake
11. Matt Linder

Carolina Midget Showdown
Point Standings

$2,000 to win

Points from each A Main are tallied and combined to determine the champion of the event. It’s 10 points per position in A Mains, points were also handed out in heats and qualifying.

Pos | Driver | Points

1. Kyle Larson

Carolina Midget Showdown
Kyle Larson

Millbridge Speedway