Natalie Decker surprises fans with 2021 NASCAR contract

Just a few weeks ahead of the 2021 season opener, Decker has signed

Just days ago, Decker was unsure of her plans for 2021. She was also unsure if she’d be running in NASCAR at all.

Update: Natalie Decker is going NASCAR Xfinity Series racing in 2021

Last season, Decker ran 13 of 23 races in the NASCAR Truck Series. She claimed a career-best 5th place finish in the opening race at Daytona International Speedway.

Decker comes from the world of super late model racing. She made her ARCA debut in 2017 and has finished in the top-10 in twelve of her thirty starts with the series.

Late in 2020, Decker was scheduled to make her debut in the TransAm Series. However, she tested positive for COVID just days ahead of the double-header race weekend at Road Atlanta and was forced to miss the event.

On Tuesday evening, Decker shared a series of images on social media. The images appear to capture her signing multiple pages of a contract.

Decker captioned the images, “NASCAR 2021 here we come!! Stay tuned for all the details coming soon.”

A team was not linked to the contract, yet. A fan inquired about when the official announcement will be made and encouraged her to make it on her twitch streaming channel.

Decker responded, “Hahaha sorry but you will have to wait a little longer then just tonight.”

She also responded to comments regarding sponsorship. Someone rudely asked how much she paid for the ride.

She responded, “My dad doesn’t own N/29. My mom and dad use to own a snowmobile race track and a few years ago, he sold it. Now, my parents travel full time in there motor home to all the races while they rent out there house in Summer.”

N/29 is expected to return as the sponsor.

MBM Motorsports?

In the photos she shared, the contract pages were blurred out. However, the logo at the top of the pages are written in the style of MBM Motorsports. Though, it still may be a different team and a different logo.

MBM Motorsports operates out of Statesville, North Carolina. The team is owned by Carl Long.

MBM Motorsports did not field any trucks last year. However, the team does field NASCAR Xfinity Series and NASCAR Cup Series rides.

Back in December, the team posted a release on social media seeking a driver to rent out their equipment. Prices for NASCAR rentals are rarely released. However, the note included a price and they called it “Christmas Special” pricing.

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