Travis Braden spun Natalie Decker; The two drivers then bonded over matching suits

Salem Speedway brought a crash between the drivers – Following an apology, Decker found it hard to be mad due to matching suit colors

20-year-old Natalie Decker was spun out by Travis Braden at Salem Speedway. There wasn’t a fight in the pit area. There wasn’t a yelling match. Instead, the two stock car racing drivers bonded over the fact that they had matching suits.

How do you demand respect from the guys out there? Obviously, your race car doesn’t know what size you are right?

“I’m small. But, my race car’s the same size as everyone else’s,” Natalie Decker said with a laugh via the Inside ARCA podcast.

Speaking of respect. On April 22nd at Salem Speedway, there was an accident on the track between Travis Braden and Natalie Decker.

Braden got into the left rear quarter panel of Decker. She skated up the track, tagged the wall with the right rear and continued as Braden slid through the apron of the race track.

A video of that incident is posted below.

After the race, Travis Braden came over to apologize. It turned into a meet and greet as the drivers wore similar race suits.

How do you think your relationship is with some of the other drivers? Do you think that there’s any resentment from some of these other drivers for all the attention that you get out there? Does it change the way they race you out on the race track?

“I don’t really know. I only talk to a few of them when we’re at the track. They’re mostly my teammates. Gus Dean, he’s not my teammate. But, he’s one of my favorites.”

“Before the Daytona test, he and I were on the same flight. We went to Universal and Disney World and stuff before our test.”

“I didn’t even know Travis before he apologized to me. It was kinda actually my first time even ever talking to him.”

“I was mad when I got taken out and everything. But, then when he came over and apologized we had like the same kind of suit. His was black with white and red.”

“I was like, ‘Ok, I can’t be mad at you. At least you got a good suit on. It looks good.’ ”

“After he apologized, I was like, ‘Well, I’ve never actually officially met you.’ So, I shook his hand, ‘I’m Natalie.’ ”

I love it.

Natalie Decker, from Eagle River, WI is currently in her first full-time season with the ARCA Racing Series. After 4 starts thus far on the schedule, she’s collected a pole and a top-5 run. The pole came in her SuperSpeedway debut at Daytona International Speedway. So far, she sits tied for 6th in the ARCA Racing Series point standings.

The next stop for the ARCA Racing Series tour is Ohio. The series will unload at Toledo Speedway on May 19.

Travis Braden and Natalie Decker
Salem Speedway


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