Snow covers race tracks across the United States

The storm has provided us with the following positive: Lovely race track imagery

America is currently a snow globe.

A winter storm has rolled through most of the United States. The storm has set records for snow and low temperatures in a wide range of areas.

105 million Americans were under a winter storm warning for their area.

Texas is among those that have been hit the hardest. The cold temperatures have overwhelmed the power grid as everyone runs their furnace. 3.5 million people in Texas were without power, some for days.

On Wednesday, parts of Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and all of Arkansas remained under a storm warning.

People have turned to propane, creating long propane lines in Houston. Others have started using their cars for heat.

It’s not uncommon for tracks like Pocono Raceway (Pennsylvania) or Watkins Glen International (New York) to be covered in snow during the month of February. Looking at images of either track will make you wonder why people live there, every year.

But, what is uncommon is to see similar images for tracks much further South. Wildly, the Circuit of the Americas (Texas) and Texas Motor Speedway were both covered in snow this week.

Now, a new storm is rolling in to the Southern side of the East coast.

But, there’s positives and negatives to everything. Snow have covered race tracks all over the United States, creating the folowing lovely imagery.

Circuit of the Americas

Location: Austin, Texas

The track posted the images above with the following note, “Not sure we even want to know what the temperature is at the top of the Observation Deck in the distance…  Stay warm, Austin. Summer will be here soon.”

Texas Motor Speedway

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

The track commented, “What do you think? Should we bring out the yellow?”

Richmond Raceway

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Pocono Raceway

Location: Long Pond, Pennsylvania

New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Location: Loudon, New Hampshire

The track posted images above with the caption, “Our trees have frosted tips.”

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

The images above were posted with, “May weather is better than February weather.”


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