Richmond Race Results: April 17, 2021 (NASCAR Truck Series)

NASCAR Truck results from Richmond Raceway

Today, the NASCAR Truck Series is on the grid in Richmond, Virginia. The 0.75-mile track of Richmond Raceway is set to host the ToyotaCare 250.

View 2021 Richmond truck race results below.

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Kyle Busch is in the field for today’s race. He’ll be coming from the 12th position.

Ben Rhodes and Austin Hill line up on the front row. 250 laps of truck racing are up next…

Richmond Truck Race
Stage 1 – Report

Lap: 70 (1-70 / 250)

Ben Rhodes - Richmond Raceway - NASCAR Truck Series 2
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA – APRIL 17: Ben Rhodes, driver of the #99 Bombardier Toyota, leads the field to start the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series ToyotaCare 250 at Richmond Raceway on April 17, 2021 in Richmond, Virginia. (Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images)

Green flag, Rhodes gets the jump on the inside and he’s clear into turn one. Enfinger takes over 2nd as Hill struggles to get going.

Lap 3, Grant Enfinger has a run on Rhodes into turn one. via the inside, he’s clear.

Lap 30, Kyle Busch has cracked the top 5 after starting in 12th. The driver is climbing through the field slower than usual.

Lap 45, Ryan Truex has lost a rearend, his day is done.

10 to go in stage one, John Hunter Nemechek has saved his tires throughout the run. He drives right by Kyle Busch to take over 2nd. Enfinger leads by 1.5 seconds.

5 to go in stage one, Enfinger leads Nemechek by just a half second.

Final lap in stage one, Enfinger leads by just a car length but Nemechek is out of time.

Grant Enfinger holds him off to take the win in stage one!

Richmond Race Results – Stage 1 : 1. Grant Enfinger; 2. John Hunter Nemechek; 3. Kyle Busch; 4. Ben Rhodes; 5. Austin Hill; 6. Carson Hocevar; 7. Raphael Lessard; 8. Todd Gilliland; 9. Derek Kraus; 10. Stewart Friesen;

Richmond Truck Race
Stage 2 – Report

Lap: 70 (71-140 / 250)

Enginger leads them to the pit entry. But, Kyle Busch wins the race to the pit exit.

Green flag on stage two, Kyle Busch gets the jump and he’s clear into turn one. Enfinger and Nemechek run side by side for 2nd, Enfinger wins that battle on the outside lane.

Lap 85, Tate Fogleman is in the fence and the caution is out. He made contact with Hailie Deegan at corner entry to cause the crash. Fogleman gestures frustration at Deegan as she cruises by on the pace laps.

Green, Busch leads as Nemechek hangs onto his right rear into turn one. Busch clears him off turn two but Nemechek has a run into turn three. Nemechek dives to the inside and he takes over the lead into turn three.

Lap 100, Jennifer Jo Cobb is around, caution.

Green, Nemechek leads into turn one as they run three wide for 2nd behind him. Busch drops from 2nd to 4th as they went by him on both sides. Enfinger takes over 2nd.

10 to go in stage two, Nemechek leads Enfinger by 2.5 seconds.

John Hunter Nemechek wins stage two at Richmond Raceway!

Richmond Race Results – Stage 2 : 1. John Hunter Nemechek; 2. Grant Enfinger; 3. Ben Rhodes; 4. Austin Hill; 5. Kyle Busch; 6. Zane Smith; 7. Raphael Lessard; 8. Todd Gilliland; 9. Derek Kraus; 19, Chandler Smith;

Richmond Truck Race
Stage 3 – Report

Lap: 110 (141-250 / 250)

Green flag on stage three, Nemechek leads with Ben Rhodes beating on his bumper into turn one. Rhodes loses momentum and Enfinger takes 2nd.

Lap 152, Derek Kraus is around with a flat tire, caution.

Green, Nemechek leads as Enfinger and Lessard run side by side for 2nd. Enfinger holds 2nd.

Lap 159, Chase Purdy backs it into the fence and the caution is out. He was taken four wide into turn one. Danny Bohn pinched him down as he ran the outside lane thinking they were only three wide.

Green, Nemechek is clear before turn one. Zane Smith takes over 2nd with slightly fresher tires.

Lap 166, Jennifer Jo Cobb is parked against the wall after getting turned by Norm Benning, caution.

Green, Nemechel is clear into turn one. They’re nearly three wide for 2nd, Zane Smith holds the spot.

73 to go, Jennifer Jo Cobb turns Norm Benning on purpose and the caution is out.

Green, Nemechek leads as they run three wide for 2nd into turn one. Ben Rhodes picks up two spots and claims 2nd on the inside.

68 to go, Dawson Cram is around after help from Austin Wayne Self, caution.

Green, Nemechek leads Rhodes. Multiple drivers are flying through the field on newer tires following the string of cautions.

55 to go

55 to go, Codie Rohrbaugh has backed it into the fence after being turned by Austin Wayne Self and the caution is back out.

Nemechek and the rest of the leaders hit the pit lane. Many stay out as they stopped laps prior. Nemechek will restart 11th! Crafton and Sauter line up on the front row.

Green, Chandler Smith looks to the inside and he makes it three wide for the lead into turn one! Crafton runs wide and Chandler Smith takes over the race lead!

37 to go, Kris Wright is around off turn two and the caution is out.

Green, Chandler Smith gets the jump as Ankrum spins the tires. Nemechek has climbed all the they to 2nd. Smith’s tires are 8 race-laps older.

25 to go, Chandler Smith, John Hunter Nemechek and Kyle Busch run nose to tail at the front in the battle for the win.

18 to go, Nemechek makes light contact with the bumper of Smith off turn two. Nemechek looks under him at the flag stand and he takes over the race lead on the inside of turn one. Kyle Busch follows him through to take 2nd.

10 to go, Nemechek leads Busch by 3 truck lengths.

6 to go, Austin Hill gets into the back of Sheldon Creed and nearly turns him at the flagstand but they both save it.

2 to go, Kyle Busch is exploring lanes and closing fast.

John Hunter Nemechek holds him off to win at Richmond Raceway!

Richmond Raceway
Race Results
April 17, 2021
NASCAR Truck Series

Pos | Driver

1. John Hunter Nemechek
2. Kyle Busch
3. Tyler Ankrum
4. Chandler Smith
5. Johnny Sauter
6. Todd Gilliland
7. Ben Rhodes
8. Grant Enfinger
9. Sam Mayer
10. Austin Hill
11. Sheldon Creed
12. Carson Hocevar
13. Stewart Friesen
14. Zane Smith
15. Derek Kraus
16. Spencer Davis
17. Hailie Deegan
18. Matt Crafton
19. Austin Wayne Self
20. Danny Bohn
21. Timmy Hill
22. Timothy Peters
23. Raphael Lessard
24. Tanner Gray
25. Dawson Cram
26. Jeff Noland
27. Spencer Boyd
28. Chase Purdy
29. Ryan Reed
30. Keith McGee
31. Cory Roper
32. Norm Benning
33. Josh Reaume
34. Howie Disavino III
35. Kris Wright
36. Codie Rohrbaugh
37. Brett Moffitt
38. Jennifer Jo Cobb
39. Tate Fogleman
40. Ryan Truex

NASCAR Truck Series
Point Standings

Pos | Driver | Points | Wins

1. John Hunter Nemechek
270 | 2 Wins

2. Ben Rhodes
250 | 2 Wins

3. Sheldon Creed

4. Austin Hill

5. Matt Crafton

6. Stewart Friesen

7. Grant Enfinger

8. Zane Smith

9. Todd Gilliland

10. Johnny Sauter

11. Carson Hocevar

12. Chandler Smith

13. Austin Wayne Self

14. Raphael Lessard

15. Brett Moffitt

16. Tanner Gray

17. Derek Kraus

18. Hailie Deegan

19. Ryan Truex

20. Tyler Ankrum

21. Parker Kligerman

22. Chase Purdy

23. Timothy Peters

24. Danny Bohn

25. Codie Rohrbaugh

26. Tate Fogleman

27. Spencer Boyd

28. Christian Eckes

29. Cory Roper

30. Dawson Cram

31. Kris Wright

32. Spencer Davis

33. Jennifer Jo Cobb

34. David Gilliland

35. Drew Dollar


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