Daytana crash puts NASCAR driver in cast (Video)

Watch the video of the wild crash at Daytona International Speedway; Hear from the drivers

With just 3 laps to go, Matt DiBenedetto had a push from Denny Hamlin. DiBenedetto looked low on Chase Elliott. Elliott blocked, DiBenedetto went high and Elliott blocked again.

Watch the Daytona crash video below.

Contact was made. Elliott, DiBenedetto and Hamlin found the outside wall at the front of the field.

Elliott nearly saved it but found himself against the wall with DiBenedetto. They were five wide as the field went by the crash on the inside.

They ran out of room in a hurry. Cole Custer clipped the left rear of Keselowski, turning him across the track. Cars scattered everywhere.

Kyle Busch spun toward the inside wall. He bounced off the wall and came across the track just ahead of the pit entry.

Kaz Grala was on the brakes behind the crash. He turned under most of the crash and was using the pit lane as a crash avoidance lane. Pit road speed isn’t required when escaping a crash.

Grala did not see Busch bounce off the inside wall. As he came across the track, Grala was likely looking as the crashing cars to his left. As Busch came from his right, he slammed right into the door.

Grala has injured himself in the crash.

Kyle Busch after the crash

Kyle Busch told NBC Sports after the crash, “Just a bunch of blocking going on and guys got crossed up.”

“I don’t know if anybody even touched me. I just lost it. It’s a disappointing effort on my part I guess. I got a little help there from the 47 [Ricky Stenhouse Jr.]. I thought I had it straight and then I didn’t.”

He added, “And I don’t know who came out of nowhere but they T-boned me so that was fun. Just frustrating to come to these places and always wonder if you’re going to walk out of here. Thanks to Interstate Batteries, Toyota, M&M’s. We’ll see what we can do next week.”

Kaz Grala - NASCAR Cup Series
Kaz Grala – NASCAR Cup Series

Kaz Grala on the crash at Daytona

Grala was the car that T-Boned Busch. He didn’t offer comments at the infield care center because he was still getting worked on.

Grala said, “Really frustrating end to our night. Had that wreck missed completely, and couldn’t see the 18 coming across from the left until impact.”

“Our Goettl Air Chevy was fast and would’ve finished up front just like last time… Guess we’ll have to do it TALLADEGA again.”

Grala added, “Also, I’m all good. That was a hard and unexpected hit though. Didn’t see it coming at all. I’m on crutches now with a temporary cast on my left foot. Sweet.”

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Daytona Crash

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