Dover Race Results: April 29, 2022 (ARCA Menards Series)

ARCA race results from Dover Motor Speedway

Today, the ARCA Menards Series East opens the triple-header race weekend in Dover, DE. The 1-mile of Dover Motor Speedway is set to host the General Tire 125.

View Dover results for the ARCA Menards Series East below.

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Taylor Gray and Sammy Smith set the front row. 125 laps of stock car racing are up next…

Race Report

Green flag, Gray gets the jump on the outside lane as Jesse Love follows him through to take 2nd away.

Lap 20, Gray leads Love by 1 second.

Lap 24, the caution is out as Stephanie Moyer is stalled on the apron.

Green, Gray and Love run near even into turn one. Love drives it deeper on the inside and he’s clear in turn two. Jesse Love to the lead!

Lap 35, Gray has climbed back to the bumper of Love as they battle for the lead. Gray is fighting his car in dirty air.

Lap 39, Love misses the bottom into turn one. gray looks to his inside in turn two. Love crowds him but Gray returns to the lead into turn three!

Race break 1

Lap 41, the first of two race break cautions are out. The field heads for the pit lane for a 5 minute pit stop as the field is frozen.

Green, Gray and Love run even into turn one. Gray pinches him down on corner entry, Gray holds the lead off turn two. Rajah Caruth is all over the bumper of Love.

Lap 54, caution for debris.

Green, Gray is clear as they run three wide for 2nd! Love holds 2nd off turn two.

Lap 60, Leland Honeyman drives it deep into turn one. He misses the bottom and washes up the banking. He doors Rajah Caruth. Curuth is sideways but saves it.

Lap 75, Gray leads Love by 1.4 seconds.

Race break 2

Lap 80, the second race break caution is out. The field will hit the pit lane for another 5 minute pit stop.

Green, Gray is clear before turn one. Love holds 2nd as Caruth returns to 3rd.

10 to go, Gray is driving away.

5 to go, Gray leads Love by 1.4 seconds.

Taylor Gray wins at Dover Motor Speedway!

Dover Motor Speedway
Race Results
April 29, 2022
ARCA Menards Series East

Pos | Driver

1. Taylor Gray
2. Jesse Love
3. Connor Jones
4. Rajah Caruth
5. Sammy Smith
6. Jake Finch
7. Jonathan Shafer
8. Leland Honeyman
9. Daniel Escoto
10. Christian Rose
11. Brad Smith
12. Stephanie Moyer
13. Tommy Vigh Jr
14. Tim Monroe
15. Ed Pompa

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