NASCAR Crash: Chris Buescher barrel rolls at Charlotte Speedway (Video)

Chris Buescher goes for a wild ride in the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway

On Sunday night, NASCAR returned to Charlotte, North Carolina. The 1.5-mile oval of Charlotte Motor Speedway hosted the Coca-Cola 600. The famed race is 400 laps and 600 miles.

On lap 345 of 400, NASCAR dropped the green on a restart. Daniel Suarez had one of the fastest cars for the majority of the night.

Watch the NASCAR crash video below.

It all went wrong off turn four. Suarez cleared himself on Chase Briscoe. However, Briscoe hung onto his right rear. Suarez turned himself into the outside wall.

He bounced off the wall and spun across the track. Chris Buescher slid into the scene with nowhere to go. He crashed into Suarez and picked up significant damage.

The front wheel was detached from Buescher’s machine. It remained dangling, held by just safety chains. As Buescher slid sideways through the infield, the wheel became pinned underneath his car.

That’s all it took to send the car into the air. Buescher was sent into a violent barrel roll across the tri-oval.

The race was red flagged. Buescher hung down the window net to indicate he was ok.

The safety team quickly reached Buescher’s machine. They then hooked it up to a tow truck to roll it back over before Buescher could climb out. As they did that, Buescher sat upside down in his ride for several minutes.

As soon as officials had the car back on it’s busted wheels, Buescher climbed out to the fans who cheered as he was ok.

Daniel Suarez comments

“I got tight,” Suarez stated after exiting the infield care center.

“In these cars, clean air is very important. They were side by side in front of me. I got in the middle of the wake and got super tight.”

“I put myself in a bad situation. It was very close with the No. 14.”

Suarez added, “I just hope Chris is fine. My team built us a rocket. We had the fastest car all day, it was a struggle on pit road.”

Chris Buescher comments

“That was a little painful,” Chris Buescher stated after exiting the infield care center.

“It’s quite a shame. Our team did a terrific job through the start of the weekend. We were able to drive our way into the top 10.”

“It’s a shame to be involved in that. We checked up for it and got run over from behind.”

Buescher concluded, “I guess the tire just ripped off and sent us flipping. I’ve been upside down before, this one is a bit more painful.”

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