Ryan Newman and Daniel Suarez exchanged words after final lap crash on Charlotte ROVAL (Video)

Confusion on Ryan Newman’s part caused Daniel Suarez to get crashed; But it wasn’t intentional ‘Just like his taking me out in Darlington’

The confrontation with Bubba Wallace and Alex Bowman took at lot of the headlines. But, that wasn’t the only disagreement after the ROVAL at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Ryan Newman came into The Roval on the brink of playoff elimination.

With three laps to go, Ryan Newman sat one point above the playoff cut line. Alex Bowman was outside of the cut line and running 2nd on the track.

Newman held the 15th position. If he could hold the spot, he would advance. But, Almirola was all over his rear bumper for the position.

Heading into the backstretch chicane, Newman drove it too deep. The front wheels locked up and he missed the chicane.

He lost the position. He was now 16th and tied for the final spot before elimination. However, the tie-breaker would go to Alex Bowman.

The rule is, when a driver misses the chicane, he must stop immediately in the restart zone just ahead of the start finish line. Newman didn’t do that.

That meant that Newman would now have to serve a pass through penalty instead.

Ryan Newman incident with Daniel Suarez on final lap

Coming to the white flag, Newman was slow in turn four of the NASCAR oval. That’s because he couldn’t decide what he needed to do. He wasn’t sure if he needed to stop in the restart zone or come to the pit lane.

Suarez looked to move around Newman but instead he was hooked. Suarez went around and was clipped by Daniel Hemric on his way by.

Ryan Newman was eliminated from the NASCAR playoffs as he fell all the way to 32nd after the penalty was applied to his finish.

Several weeks ago, Daniel Suarez and Ryan Newman tangled at Darlington Raceway. The end result was Ryan Newman going for a spin. At the time, both drivers were fighting for the final spots of the Playoff grid.

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Now, they tangled again. Daniel Suarez approached Newman after the race to discuss what happened coming to the white flag on The Roval.

Ryan Newman at Texas Motor Speedway
Ryan Newman at Texas Motor Speedway (Photo: Matt Sullivan | Getty Images)

Ryan Newman on the crash with Daniel Suarez

“I just drove it in too hot. Tried to be too aggressive and locked the front tires up,” Ryan Newman told NBC Sports as after he blew through the chicane.

“I caught the blues but not the red and whites (curb color). That was the end of it, I guess. We had to serve a penalty.”

“I guess I messed up the #41 car there. But, I mean, that was not intentional. I don’t know if he thinks that or not. It doesn’t really matter to me at this point.”

“He said I took him out. I don’t even know that I hit him.”

“But, I was under the impression that I had to do a stop at the restart zone there. Then, they said I needed to do a pass through. That’s why I was all mixed up.”

“I zigged and zagged and guess I took him out. It was intentional. Just like his taking me out in Darlington wasn’t intentional.”

Newman on his day at The Roval

“We had no cushion whatsoever and dang near made it in,” Ryan Newman said of his scratch and claw day on the road course.

“We still got a lot of fight left in us. Today was a struggle all the way through.”

“I made a mistake, stalled the car on pit road. That’s the first time all year I did that. Just a lot of little mistakes that added up.”

“I let the #43 car go up and jump two rows in front of us on a restart. I let the #48 drive down and take a lane away from us on a restart. Not sure what the officiating situation was there. Lot’s of question marks. And it always seems to happen here.”

“The way I see it, we’re not done. We still got a chance to get to 5th.”

“We’ll let those other guys implode. We fought hard today, didn’t implode. Might have made a lot of guys upset but it don’t much matter to me.”

Daniel Suarez vs Ryan Newman
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