Jeb Burton flips at Pocono Raceway (Video)

Brad Keselowski comments on the time it takes to roll a car back over after the Pocono Raceway crash

Saturday, the NASCAR Xfinity Series unloaded at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, PA. At the start of stage three, Jeb Burton went for a wild ride.

Watch the video of the Pocono Raceway crash below.

Santino Ferrucci spun off turn four. He stomped the gas in an attempt to spin it away from the outside wall. As he did that, smoke billowed across the track and block the view the field as they came into the scene.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr drove into the side of Ferrucci. As he slid across the track, Stenhouse Jr’s machine drove into the side of Burton as Burton attempted to squeeze between Stenhouse Jr’s spinning car and the pit lane wall.

Upon impact, Burton was launched skyward. The car landed on it’s door and then rolled onto it’s roof. Burton slid several hundred feet on his roof before coming to a stop just passed the flagstand.

Burton crew asked over the radio, “This will take a minute. You all good here?”

Jeb Burton responded, “Yeah man, did all I could there.”

A safety member ran to the window of Jeb Burton. He laid on the ground speaking to him during the entire process.

Pocono Race Results: July 23, 2022 (NASCAR Xfinity Series)

Brad Keselowski comments on the time it took to roll the car back over

A tow truck hooked up to Burton’s machine. They then slowly rolled the car back over on it’s wheels.

Brad Keselowski tweeted, “4 minutes. Improvements from May.”

Keselowski was referring to the amount of time it took the AMR safety team to roll Jeb Burton back over. Back in May, RFK Racing driver Chris Buescher went through the same rollover process.

Santino Ferrucci comments

“I got really up close to Cole [Custer],” Ferrucci said.

“Being part time, it’s really hard to judge the air coming off these cars. I just made a mistake. I got a little off the bottom and close to him. I started to lose the rear.”

“Our car hasn’t been loose all day. It’s a shame for everybody else because a lot of cars got caught up in that.”

Ferrucci added, “We qualified 11th, my first ever qualifying. We were racing right there all day. Not how I wanted my home race to go.”

Ricky Stenhouse Jr comments

“It looked like Santino just got a little loose there,” Stenhouse Jr stated.

“I thought he was going to be gone. Unfortunately, he wasn’t. Then, Jeb took a ride there.”

“It was pretty soft for us. Probably a little more hard, for Jeb.”

Stenhouse Jr concluded, “Overall, really fun being back in the Xfinity Series. I hate that I didn’t get to run another 40 laps there. I was having a lot of fun.”

Jeb Burton comments

Moments after the crash, Jeb Burton exited the infield care center without injury.

“Man, that was not good,” Jeb Burton stated.

“Those guys work really hard on our race cars. And we don’t have a lot of cars. To tear up another car, two weeks in a row, isn’t good.”

“Appreciate the safety crew that got to me, fast. It’s been a rough year but we’ll keep digging and working on some good stuff for next year.”

Burton added, “We can build another race car. Glad I’m ok.”

Jeb Burton crash
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