NASCAR driver Joey Logano’s nickname for his wife Brittany caught on camera

Logano comments after the new USA reality show captures the nickname in shooting

This week, the USA Network debuted a brand new reality show. ‘Race for the Championship’ follows several NASCAR Cup Series drivers in their daily lives, away from the race track.

Joey Logano is a veteran NASCAR driver with a championship to his name as he competes in his 15th year of Cup racing. He’s one of the drivers featured on the new show.

With the first episode released, one of the funniest moments is candidly finding out that Joey’s wife Brittany is saved in his phone under the name ‘My Hot Ass Wife’.

As the cameras rolled on the show, Brittany called her husband. The camera caught the dashboard of the car which stated ‘My Hot Ass Wife’.

Joey Logano comments

NASCAR driver Joey Logano
ELKHART LAKE, WISCONSIN – JULY 03: Joey Logano, driver of the #22 Shell Pennzoil Ford, walks the grid prior to the NASCAR Cup Series Kwik Trip 250 at Road America on July 03, 2022 in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

This week at Darlington, Joey Logano was asked about that moment…

“The day we got married or fairly soon after,” Logano explains when that became her contact name.

“My contact for my wife has been ‘My Hot Ass Wife’ for the last 7-8 years we’ve been married. And yeah, that’s just what it is.”

“It’s funny now because I use siri to call her, ‘Call My Hot Ass Wife’ and the kids in the back will be like, ‘You calling mommy?’ “

“I feel like somewhere in there, that probably should be changed. But, I don’t know, I like it. Now, it’s kinda funny.”

“I didn’t think twice about it being on my screen when they were shooting. Which just goes to show how real everything is. They really did a good job of taping, what life is.”

Logano comments on ‘Race for the Championship’

“How we prepare for races from a work standpoint. But, also at home, they didn’t really edit much out of it. It was pretty good and entertaining.”

“Not just my stuff. But, also my competitors, seeing how they live and all that, that’s kinda cool.”

“I’m not sure I want cameras around me 24/7. But, we didn’t change the way we live. With kids, they’re going to say what they want to say, if there’s a camera around or not.”

“It really showed our life in an authentic way. I think that’s what the fans wanted to see.”

“And, what they’re going to see is that we’re all normal people. I’m no different than anybody else, I just have a cool job that people watch on TV. But, our life is still the same.”

Brittany Logano and Joey have three kids. Their third was born in February of this year.


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