NASCAR Fight: Austin Hill vs Myatt Snider at Martinsville (Video)

Watch the video of the NASCAR fight at Martinsville Speedway

Update: A new video has been posted below showing a punch to the face

On Saturday, the NASCAR Xfinity Series brought drama to the half-mile of Martinsville Speedway. On the final lap, Ty Gibbs wrecked teammate Brandon Jones for the race win. However, there was far more to the show.

Watch the NASCAR fight video below.

Austin Hill entered the race as one of the 8 playoff drivers. 4 were set to be eliminated ahead of next week’s championship race.

Hill started his Martinsville campaign from the back of the field. His day was set to get much worse…

On the final lap of stage two, Austin Hill rubbed fenders with Josh Berry all the way to the stage end in a battle for 6th.

In stage three, Hill was boxed in by Rajah Caruth during a pit stop. He was forced to backup, losing sveral positions.

With 38 laps to go, Sheldon Creed shoved Howie Disavino III off turn two. Disavino was forced up the track, turning Hill and collecting Stefan Parsons as well.

With 30 to go, Myatt Snider was turned. His spin was aided by contact from Austin Hill.

Hill drove back into a decent finish. However, he still finished 18 points below the cutline and failed to advance into the championship round at Phoenix.

Myatt Snider met Austin Hill on the pit lane after the race. Snider ended up on the ground with Hill standing over the top of him.

Update: A second video of the post-race altercation shows the two drivers were talking. Hill then stepped forward, punching Snider in the face.

Snyder was knocked to the ground as Hill jumped on top of him. The updated video is shown below.

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Austin Hill comments

“Frustrating day,” Austin Hill told NBC Sports after the race.

“We came all the way from dead last basically, 36th. All the way to the top 10 and was able to get stage points after stage one. As the race went, we started losing balance.”

“Still thought we had a shot at it. All the sudden, the No. 51 incident and I got turned off of two.”

“I was trying to come back through the field. Then, next thing you know I got squeezed in turns 3-4. That kinda ended our day for the most part because I had so much damage. The frontend was bent.”

Hill was asked who he was mad at most after multiple incidents throughout the day.

“There’s a few,” Hill stated.

“When you come to these races, you’re not friends with anybody. I fell like when you leave here you’re mad at almost every single one of these people on the race track at the end of one of these things.”

“Maybe somebody punted you out of the way on lap 1 or lap 50. And, you just remember it. Then, once you leave here and go to Phoenix, you forget about it again because you realize, it’s Martinsville.”

“There’s a few people I’m not too happy with right now. When you get to Phoenix, it’s all out the window because you know it’s just short track racing.”

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Update: Austin Hill issues statement

On Thursday, Austin Hill issued a statement:

“It’s unfortunate what happened this past weekend in Martinsville. I’m looking forward to meeting with Myatt and NASCAR on Friday to address the situation. I will learn from this moving forward.”

A few hours later, Hill clarified his statement:

“Just to clear the air. I definitely 100% wrote what was sent out a little bit ago and I definitely wasn’t sending out an apology to myatt. Carry on.. 5…4…3…2…1… twitter is on (fire) again.”

Austin Hill punches Myatt Snider
Austin Hill vs Myatt Snider

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