Scott Bloomquist says he spawned 3/4 of the racing rulebook

Dirt racing legend discusses the rule book

Scott Bloomquist is a dirt track racing legend. And he’s been here since the beginning of the rulebook.

The famed #0 team has collected 600 victories. The driver with a shop based in Tennessee has collected 9 national series championships along the way.

When dominating tracks across the country, over several decades, it’s natural for the rule book to be written in your name. That’s the case for Bloomquist.

There’s endless interesting stories from the tech shed featuring Bloomquist.

While speaking to Dale Earnhardt Jr, Bloomquist detailed where several innovative items came from…

Scott Bloomquist talks ingenuity

“My dad’s a hell of a mechanic. He was always doing something,” Bloomquist stated via the Dale Jr Download.

On the Scott Bloomquist Racing property, one shed is dedicated to planes. They are owned by Bloomquist’s father.

“With some of his airplane stuff, if he couldn’t find the machine guns that would be authentic, he would just build some that looked exactly like them.”

“In racing, if I had an idea, I pursued it. If someone else didn’t make it, I made it.”

“Fuel cells, there was never a fuel cell that wasn’t square. We designed the first teardrop cell and made it become part of a wing, under the car. Just always into air.”

“I was at Kingsport, some laps cars were involved in an accident and I hit them with the left rear, going by. Never thought that it bent the rearend.”

“I wasn’t having any problem winning, every weekend. I go back the next week and I’m struggling. Run a distant 2nd.”

“I thought, ‘Something had to have happened when I hit those guys.’ The rearend had been bent back, so now I’m toed out, quite a bit.”

“Then, I started playing with bending it forward. Then, started playing with bending camber. Just got my mind opened up. Never had thought about it.”

Scott Bloomquist tells the fascinating story of the #0

3/4’s of the rulebook

“Three-quarters of the rulebook is because of me,” Scott Bloomquist added.

“Three-quarters of it are rules to get me to stop doing things I was doing and had come up with. People don’t wanna work that hard so they just get a rule put against it.”

“Here’s what I learned. You quit working on things they can see. Work in areas they can’t see.”

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The Decoy

“Oh yeah, something like lead that’s empty,” Bloomquist added.

“That will throw them off. When you think you really got something that’s going to be an advantage, you need to do something that is so obviously blatant, pisses them off and insults them that you even tried to do it. That’s all they see and all they think about. Then, you go right on through with the goody.”

“There some that want to win and there’s some that refuse to lose. If you refuse to lose, you’re going to put a lot of hours in life.”

Bloomquist recently battled a leg injury. He’s returned to the car and continues to race.

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Scott Bloomquist and the team tear down the car 20 times per season


Scott Bloomquist