Snowball Derby Results: December 4, 2022 (5 Flags Speedway)

NASCAR drivers invade the Snowball Derby

The Snowball Derby is set to conclude in Pensacola, Florida. The half-mile of 5 Flags Speedway welcomes the stars of late model racing.

View 2022 Snowball Derby results below.

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Josh Berry and Derek Thorn set the front row. 300 laps of short track racing are up next…

Main Event

Green flag, Thorn gets the jump via the outside lane. He’s clear into turn one.

Lap 50, Thorn leads Berry by 1 second. Noah Gragson has dropped from 5th to 25th with major handling issues. William Byron has climbed from 13th to 6th.

Lap 60, Erik Jones stacks up the field off turn four. Augie Grill is turned as a result and the caution is out.

The field heads for the pit lane for the first time. Conner Jones is the only car to stay out.

Green, Thorn clears Jones via the outside lane as Jones falls through the field. They run three wide behind them, Berry wins that battle.

Lap 75, Bubba Pollard works inside of Josh Berry and he takes 2nd away.

Lap 95, Jeremy Doss gets loose then runs up the hill with contact from Preston Peltier. Doss slows, caution. Doss might have broke before the contact.

Green, Thorn clears Pollard via the inside lane. Pollard and Berry run side by side for 2nd, Berry wins that battle. Pollard falls from 2nd to 4th.

Lap 125, Thorn works heavy lap traffic. Josh Berry has closed to his bumper with William Byron in tow.

Byron works by Berry to take 2nd away. Thorn opens the gap back up.

Lap 141

Lap 141, Luke Frenhaus spins in turn four, caution.

Thorn leads the field to the pit lane.

Green, Thorn is clear before turn one. Byron and Berry run side by side for 2nd, Berry wins that fight.

Lap 160, Stephen Nasse is on the move as he’s climbed from the provisional 36th position up to 9th.

Lap 178, Ty Majeski tags the bumper of Erik Jones into turn one. Majeski tries to force it inside but he climbs up and over his left rear! Jones has lost the entire rear deck of his machine and the caution is out.

“I’m just disappointed,” Erik Jones states.

Green, Thorn leads Byron off turn two.

Lap 191, Berry has a run on Byron off turn two. He dives to the inside in turn three and Berry takes 2nd away. Cole Butcher follows him through and takes 3rd away.

Lap 204

Lap 204, two cars tangle and the caution is out.

Bubba Pollard, Matt Craig and others head for the pit lane as most of the field stays out.

Green, Thorn clears Berry off turn two.

Lap 220, Byron is dropping through the field as he’s stuck on the outside lane. Byron has dropped to 10th.

71 to go, Cole Butcher has a run on Berry off turn two. He dives to the inside and takes 2nd away.

50 to go, Thorn leads Butcher by 0.8 seconds.

38 to go, Josh Berry has dropped to 8th.

32 to go

32 to go, Casey Roderick gets into the back of Berry off turn two. Berry spins around off turn two and the caution is out.

Thorn and most the rest of the leaders head for the pit lane. Bubba Pollard and Carson Kvapil stay out. Thorn restarts in 3rd.

Green, Kvapil spins the tires on the outside lane. Pollard leads but Thorn leans on his rear bumper. pollard runs wide off turn two, Thorn returns to the lead in a hurry.

19 to go, Ryan Luza spins off turn four, caution.

Green, Thorn clears Pollard into turn one. Pollard spins the tires and the entire field drives by as he gathers it up. Stephen Nasse surfaces to 2nd.

10 to go, Josh Berry spins with help from Hunter Robbins, caution.

Green, Thorn spins the tires, Sammy Smith has a look to the inside but Thorn slams the door shut! Thorn leads off turn two.

Josh Berry is in the wall, caution.

Green, Thorn spins the tires once more. He still clears them off turn two. Ty Majeski spins behind them, caution.

Green, Thorn spins the tires yet again. Smith looks inside and leans on his rear bumper. Thorn holds the lead off turn two!

Derek Thorn wins the Snowball Derby!

Snowball Derby Results
December 4, 2022

Pos | Driver

1. Derek Thorn

2. Sammy Smith

3. Stephen Nasse

4. Casey Roderick

5. Cole Butcher

6. William Byron

7. Jake Garcia

8. Jace Hansen

9. Jacob Gomes

10. Ty Majeski

11. Preston Peltier

12. Carson Kvapil

13. Bubba Pollard

14. Michael Hinde

15. Daniel Dye

16. Giovanni Ruggiero

17. Ryan Luza

18. Matthew Craig

19. Derek Kraus

20. Noah Gragson

21. Luke Fenhaus

22. Dustin Smith

23. Jeremy Doss

24. Albert Francis

25. Josh Berry

26. Hunter Robbins

27. Jesse Love

28. Corey Heim

29. Blaine Rocha

30. Michael House

31. Tyler Tanner

32. Austin Nason

33. Erik Jones

34. Jake Finch

35. Conner Jones

36. Augie Grill


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