Tyler Erb lost his father in St. Louis; Then claimed Gateway Dirt win

1 day before the start of the Gateway Dirt Nationals, Tyler Erb lost his father; Then, he drove it to victory lane, collecting $30,000 and winning the crowd

On Saturday night, national dirt late model stars invaded St. Louis, Missouri. The finale of the Gateway Dirt Nationals inside The Dome paid $30,000 to win.

Hear from Tyler Erb on the passing of his father below.

Tyler Erb started the race from 6th. On lap 25 of 40, Erb was all over the bumper of Tanner English for 2nd. The two swapped lanes several times. Finally, Erb worked to the right rear of English off turn two. The two nearly touched but Erb moved to 2nd.

With 5 laps to go, the caution flag waved. That bunched the field back up.

On the restart, Erb, Herrington and Tyler Carpenter banged doors on the restart.

Erb drove it deep to the bottom in turn one. He pulled even and nearly cleared Wil Herrington for the race lead. Erb left Herrington a lane as English looked under both of them. They ran three wide for the lead off turn two.

Erb drove it deep into turn three. He took over the race lead and checked out on the field.

Tyler Erb pocketed $30,000 for the win. And from victory lane, he let everyone know what it took to get there…

Gateway Dirt Nationals Results: December 3, 2022 ($30k to win)

Tyler Erb comments from victory lane

Tyler Erb in victory lane - Gateway Dirt Nationals - Super Dirt Late Models A35I2669
Tyler Erb in victory lane – Gateway Dirt Nationals – Super Dirt Late Models A35I2669 (Photo: Shane Walters)

“Back in the day, this is what I was really good at. It feels good to come out here and just drive the dogshit out of this thing,” Tyler Erb stated from victory lane.

“All of our family and everyone close to us is watching this. It would be easier for me to just say it once and be done…”

“My dad, who’s my best friend in the whole world. We got to St. Louis here, he had a heart attack Wednesday and died.”

“I’m sorry to all my friends. I haven’t said anything cause it’s tough. I apologize to all my friends. Dealing with a lot, trying to keep to myself.”

“I decided it would be better to stay here, support my mom. I love her with all my heart and always will. Don’t think this is a sob story. This is the worst news I could have ever thought of in my whole life.”

The crowd erupted with support.

“I just put it in the back of my mind and raced. Got it done. I guess he was definitely helping us this week.”

Erb concluded, “Just have to take life every day from here on out.”


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