Indycar champion Will Power injured in karting crash (Video)

Watch the Will Power karting crash video from the Go Pro Motorpex

Will Power recently claimed the 2022 Indycar Series championship. That’s is second series title after previously claiming the trophy in 2014.

Watch the Will Power karting crash video below.

We are now months into the Indycar off-season. But, 2023 is still just around the corner with the first race on March 5, 2023 via the Streets of St. Petersburg.

Drivers use a variety of different methods to stay sharp during the off months. For Will Power, he elected to drive the purest form of motorosports, go karting.

The Go Pro Motorplex is a karting track in the heart of the racing capital that is Mooresville, NC. That track is located just down the road from Team Penske’s INDYCAR and NASCAR headquarters.

Last week, the 41-year-old shared an onboard video from a kart race at the track. He was racing hard for position. A kart worked inside of Power, they rubbed pods.

In the very next corner, it appeared that Power left room to the inside. However, the other driver still drove into the side of him.

The wheel to wheel contact caused Power’s kart to immediately launch into the air. It barrel rolled and the Indycar champion was crushed to the pavement. In the audio from the GoPro footage, you could hear the driver gasp at the impact.

The end result was some broken ribs.

For those that are unfamiliar with kart racing, they aren’t fitted with roll bars or seatbeats. In the event of a rollover, you want to be ejected, instead of the kart landing on top of you.

Power is well into recovery and he’s set to enter his 16th year of Indycar Racing. He’s claimed 39 wins in 238 races.

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