Denny Hamlin stirs the pot in Kyle Busch, Joey Logano feud (Video)

Joey Logano crashed Kyle Busch in the Clash; The two traded words since the race

Last week, the 2023 NASCAR season opened with an exhibition race. The 1/4-mile bullring brought the drama and re-ignited past flames.

Joey Logano blew the corner in the Clash at the LA Coliseum. Unfortunately for Kyle Busch, he was handed the bad end of Logano’s bumpers. Busch was sent for a loop in his debut with Richard Childress Racing.

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After the race, the two drivers traded words through various media outlets. Busch called Logano two-faced. It’s a phrase he’s used more than once in their long history when speaking on Logano.

However, this time, Logano took to a podcast to talk about the incident. He took full blame for the on-track contact. At the same time, he also admitted to being two-faced, a nice guy off the track, not so nice on the track itself.

All this just head of the 2023 season.

Kyle Busch calls Joey Logano two-faced, again (Video)

Joey Logano reacts to Kyle Busch calling him two-faced, “I agree”

Denny Hamlin has been a teammate to both Joey Logano and Kyle Busch. This week, he spoke on their ongoing issues.

Denny Hamlin comments on the feud between Joey Logano and Kyle Busch

“Spicy, the Logano and Kyle Busch comments,” Denny Hamlin reacted via his Actions Detrimental podcast.

“My biggest thing he says is, ‘I’d rather be an asshole on the track than off the track.’ “

“We’re seeing a clash of personalities. I don’t know if he was insinuating or if he was flat out saying, ‘Well, Kyle you might be a nice guy on the track and don’t wreck people but you’re an asshole off the track.’ “

“Kyle is one of the most fair racers I’ve raced against. He kinda puts himself at the black-hat kinda guy. But, not really, on the race track. He races people hard, but super fair.”

“Joey, probably less fair, at times. He’s selfish, that’s fine. That works for him.”

“They’re clashing right then, on the track. Off the track, I’d say they’re different there as well. I’m not going to say Kyle Busch is an asshole, full blown. But, he’s abrasive.”

Hamlin added, “They’re clashing. That’s what makes for good rivalries and good competition.”

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